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Jul 22, 2007 04:42 PM

Tomatillos in Calgary?

Where can i buy them? Boca Loca only seems to have the tinned variety...will any of the big grocery stores carry them?

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  1. Boca Loca carries the fresh variety - they are in the open fridge unit in the back. I have also bought them at the Coop Midtown Market on 11th and 11th.

    1. I've seen them at Safeways in Montgomery

      1. I've bought them at Safeway. Dalhousie Station, North Hill and Crowfoot.

        1. I don't think these are really that exotic at all anymore; I see them at pretty much every supermarket.

          1. I get my tomatillos at the Castleridge Safeway; they are usually cheaper there than at either of "my" local Co-ops. Boca Loca usually doesn't have many at any one time. When necessary, the canned ones do in a pinch, although I agree fresh is best. What I'm wondering is if Calgary's growing season is long enough for tomatillos (if they're started inside like we need to do with tomatoes). Has anyone ever seen packages of the seeds?