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Jul 22, 2007 04:00 PM

Brownie Craving

I had a brownie craving yesterday afternoon and ended up at All the Best but it didn't suit my liking. I'm looking for a chewy, chocolatey treat with nuts - any suggestions? Midtown/downtown locations are preferred but if I have a real craving, I'll travel for it.Thanks.

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  1. Strange as it seems, but the best place for brownies I've found, is in the little shop in Bathurst Station. They sell them with nuts and without. Rich Chocolate buttery goodness. While you're there you should pick up a spicy beef patty in a coco bun, they're also fantastic.

    1. The Brick Street Bakery in The Distillery makes a great chocolate walnut brownie. No icing but super chocolate flavour and it's about and inch and a half thick and you get a good large cut (2x4 inches or so, if my memory serves correct).

      1. Try Whole Foods in hazelton Lanes. They have a large plain brownie as well as a "German brownie" for only $2.49..

        1. My favorite brownie in the city is at Remarkable Bean on Queen St E in the beaches (across from the Goof). They are unbelievably moist and have a decadent icing, but no nuts. And they don't have them every day, so it would be quite the travel for no brownie. But if you are ever in the area, I suggest stopping in - they have other amazing baked goods as well - all lovingly home-made.

          1. I highly recommend the Mancatcher Brownies recipe on Chowhounds -- it's incredible and chewy