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Jul 22, 2007 03:25 PM

King Solomon in Prague?

Has anybody tried this restaurant? Are there better alternatives for Shabbat dinner or is this a good choice?

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  1. Excellent choice. A bit pricey, but I was there on business so I didn't have to be concerned with costs.

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        $60 US per person for Shabbat meal, pay in advance, five day cancellation.

    1. the food at the SHalom JCC is great. But I am not sure if they are open for dinner or not.

      1. you can also try "shelanu" (, a glatt kosher restaurant/deli run by chabad, practically across the street from the alteneu shul. it's not as fancy as king solomon but it's infinitely cheaper!

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          Just to follow up...we ate there Friday night. It was a really nice experience. The food wasn't phenomenal but it was okay. The main course was a breaded fried chicken cutlet, if I remember correctly. I wish I'd asked ahead for a substitute dish, since I am not thrilled about eating fried food...especially when it was cooked ahead of time (before the Sabbath). If you're going to Prague and and need a Shabbat meal and can afford this place, I'd definitely recommend it. Book ahead, they sell out. Ask to be seated in the garden area (it's indoors).

        2. Fine choice for those who look for reall fine dining, no additives, no convenient food, homemade cuisine, lot of organic items - all glatt Le Mehadrin. Askhenazi cuisine only! Next season will be new menu with more organic items, lunch and theather supper menu with some pastrami and other international light dishes (american and italian style). For those concerning about prices: how much would cost portion of young lamb, veal, venison (organic) when you have to produce it just for one restaurant in the whole country. There is 200 pcs of kosher lamb, 30 pcs of veal and 60 pcs of venison killed and eaten each year. Do not imagine that you can order anything kosher in the Czech Republic, there is no kosher market and you can not compare any prices to NY, Paris, Israel with regulary working kosher market with foods, products and thousants of kosher eating clients. Compare to another NON kosher restaurants in Prague (same level) - King Solomon is not expensice at all.

          1. king Solomon is for Rothschilds and IIICCHHHHSSSS
            SHELANU is better
            I was in Prague more than 10 times.

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              Shelanu´s dinner special: main course with something on the plate, cooked at unknown place and reheated (this place is not licenced to cook hot dishes) for 450 CZK

              King Solomon´s Daily Menu: soup (three or more soups to choose - real veal broth, parve soup, sour kraut soup, fish broth), main course to choose - roasted 1/4 of chicken or lamb tzimmes or salmon steak or daily offer, fresh salad (rocket, rosso etc.), soft drink or beer - all for 550 CZK.

              Well I hope it will be enough to compare prices and here we go again: at King Solomon you can buy the cheapest Shabbat meals incl. delivery in Prague.

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                michalg must be the owner or relative of king solomon....