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Fish Tacos in the Raleigh-area?

So, the other day, I was watching Easy Entertaining and saw Michael Chiarello fixing these Beer and Chipotle-Battered Fish Tacos http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recip...

Though I know I can make these at home, are there any restaurants in the Raleigh area that serve fish tacos? I don't think I have ever seen any on local Mexican restaurants' menus. Thanks!

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  1. If you haven't tried it yet, Tacos Mexico on HW55 in Apex is the best mexican restaurant in the area. The outside is nothing to look at, but the food is very authentic. I don't remember if they have fish tacos on the menu, but it would not be a disappointing trip if they didn't.

    1. Porters City Tavern on Hillsborough St across from NC State has great fish tacos. I believe they are Mahi-Mahi. This is the same group that owns Fraziers (next door to Porters), Vivace and South (both in North Hills). Porters is a great spot for lunch or dinner and has an amazing patio that would be perfect to dine on over these next few cooler nights!

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        I've had Fish Tacos at Fraziers I believe. They were very yummy. Pretty sure they used Mahi-Mahi. I distinctly remember being pleased that it was the right size for a lunch and not feeling overstuffed afterwards. I hope I'm not getting Fraziers and Porters confused. It was at the one right on Hillsborough in between all of the bagel, smoothy and pizza joints. Not the one on the Oberlin corner.

      2. Los Cuates, in the same building as Kanki on Old Wake Forest has had good ones in the past.

        1. Thanks everyone! Can't wait to try these new joints out! ('Course I love Porters; didn't realize they had fish tacos!)

          1. Oddly, Mo's Southwest has fish tacos now. Certainly not the best or the most authentic, but if you are there (say dragged by the kids on "kid's eat free mondays", they are a decent alternative.

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              I'm a big Moe's fan! I just had not been in a long time b/c it was one of those places that I ate at incessantly and got burned-out. :-) [incidentally, have you noticed that the quality of Moe's varies wildly from place-to-place? *very* weird!]

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                I think the fish tacos there were better when they first came out, because they cooked to order. Last time I was there, they had a container of the fish --- right next to the chicken and beef.

                And yes, it does vary a great deal....

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                  I agree that Mo's varies. My kids refuse to go to the North Hils one, as they think the Cam. Vilage one tastes better. Plus, I have had very bad service and seen very scary sanitation choices by staff at the North Hills one, so that is fine by me not to go back!

                  I think the new version of Mo's fish taco is definately better if the fish has been recently cooked, otherwise it is mostly watery "sauce"....yuk.

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                    BREAKING NEWS: Update on the Fish Taco Quest... {hahahahhaa} So, as I am within a stone's throw of Moe's Southwest Cameron Village, I combined exercise with carbs and walked up there tonight with high anticipation of this fish taco. (lord, I am crazy!). Only to find out... Moe's CV location no longer serves the fish taco - not enough demand, apparently. Drats. (Homewrecker burrito still mighty fine, though!)

              2. If you happen to venture out of Raleigh, Carrburito's in Carrboro serves my favorite fish tacos - grilled, not battered. But now that I've moved to Raleigh I guess I'll have to try these suggestions . . .

                1. Tonali's in Durham has excellent fish tacos. Wonderful food overall.

                  1. Fish tacos that I have recently had were at Cafe Capistrano and Jibarra. Cafe Capistranos were mahi mahi(Not battered/fried) in corn tortillas - they were tasty but I was dissapointed that they seemed to be covered with a cheese sauce that overpowered the other flavors.
                    I visited Jibarra for lunch not long ago and had their tacos de camaron and they were great. They are beer battered and served with a cabbage-cream mix and guacamole. Great taste, 7 bux..I think that's more like what you were describing.

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                      I envy your trip to Jibarra - I live in Durham but have been wanting to get to Jibarra for awhile now. But, Tacos de camaron (or camarones) are shrimp tacos. Tacos de pesca are fish tacos. Both are great.

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                        went to los cuates last night. i got the fish tacos, they were good, but i don't think i'd get them again. i prefer fish to not be fried in fish tacos. i did like all the different salsas on the salsa bar. and my bf got the 2 burritos combo meal. those burritos were HUGE!! basically 2 cosmic-sized burritos rice and beans for ~ 7 or 8 $. we'll be goingn back and i want to try to chimichanga.

                    2. Chubby's Tacos in the Lake Boone Shopping center has great fish tacos (and a variety of others as well) Shrimp, Ahi Tuna or Tilapia.

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                        Yes! Chubby's Tacos in Durham has Tuna and Tilapia tacos. Delish. Tylers in American Tobacco has them on the dinner menu. They are pretty good.