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Jul 22, 2007 02:04 PM

A Tip for The Clam Box in Ipswich, MA

We went to The Clam Box for clams and lobster rolls this weekend, everything was delicious, but we stood online like virgins for almost 2 hrs to order. As we crept up to the window we noticed that you can call them and order take-out (and avoid the line). Not sure if this is common knowledge to you hounds, but if it isn't I wanted to give you the tip to call ahead with your order. Their number is: (978) 356-9707. Again, the clams and lobster rolls were fantastic...

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  1. Great tip. Thanks for the post. I'll bet just finding that out was worth the 2 hour wait.

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      1. There's a downside to this tip: at a time where it's busy enough that people would be standing in line for almost two hours, they don't answer the phone. I have literally seen the counter girls at the Clam Box pick up a ringing phone just long enough to make the connection and then put it back down.

        Allstonian and I are regulars at the Clam Box, but I swear I think the longest we've ever had to stand in line was maybe a little over 45 minutes. Best advice: go either slightly early or slightly late, or try to swing a weeknight visit.

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          I saw plenty of take out orders for people who did not stand in line (and called ahead) -- the woman behind the counter was answering the phones and told me it was the best way to order.

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            The same dodge is true for Blue Ribbon in Arlington - call ahead and pick up, avoid the line, can still eat in if you can find a table.

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              We do the same at Oishii -- it's fun to waltz by the queue of waiting people. We often go to the park around the corner on Heath St. (?) -- my son can play and we can eat at the picnic table.

        2. Not to hijack this thread (well.... kinda), any reports on the fried oysters there? It's my new favorite fried food (try that 3 times fast) -- running VERY close to fried clams.