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Jul 22, 2007 01:54 PM

The Bushwick Taco Spot!

You guys know the one... maybe... The one on Starr between St Nick and that other street.... out of the Tortilla factory. I can walk there just fine! Who needs street names? So, what are your opinions of this incredibly interesting spot? I recently went there with my mother and I personally loved the pork enchilada taco. My mother was still utterly freaked out at seeing a dead rat the size of a not-so-small-dog down the block, so she was having trouble saying anything was good. The tortillas were pretty damn good. The pork enchilada was pretty damn good. The chorizo was eh... I'd stick to the pork enchilada tacos and the Jaritos soda. I love Jaritos! Mmm. It's a fun environment; I enjoyed it greatly, but I like those spots. To be honest, the environment was vastly cleaner than my God of Food, di Fara's. It's right outside of the Jefferson L stop for lazy/cautious people. Not the nicest walk...

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  1. Has no one gone to the taco stand inside the tortilla factory in Bushwick??? Am I alone in this adventure???

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      Here's a Chow Digest item with thread links from last fall ...

    2. Is this the spot reviewed by Peter Meehan in the $25 and under column of the Times a year or so ago?

      1. I am a teacher working two blocks from Los Hermanos ( which is on Starr St just north of Wycoff). Starting last December, another teacher from our school and I ate there on average 3 times a week. It was amazing!!! I took friends on a Saturday and they were likewise blown away. As described in a NY Times review last October, the pork tacos - chorizo, pork enchilada, spicy pork were the stars here. Cecina was very good, so salty it tasted hot. A revelation was the vegatable taco. Florencio was the man behind the counter and he was friendly, convivial and fast with the orders. One snowy day, when my friend walked up at lunchtime, he saw Florencio digging out the sidewalk. My friend took the shovel so Florencio could get back to the counter to crank out more delishiousness. On some days when I felt I might have overdone the tacos, I'd order tortas ... heavenly.

        Notice I've been using the past tense. Sometime in May (or was it early June), Florencio let us know that he would be leaving to look for better pay and more reasonable hours. After his last day, we waited a week so the replacement could get settled in. We arrived just after 12:30 and were told things would be ready in about 20 minutes! Not on a teacher's lunch hour ... ouch. I got back a couple of days later and ordered a chorizo taco and vegatable taco. I am sorry to say they were just average. I haven't been back. The next week, Florencio visited my friend's classroom and taught 25 fifth-graders how to make the tacos. He had no meat or running water, just fresh vegatables, tortillas, white sauce and salsa verde. Kids from the class delivered the finished product to about 5 teachers who were surprised to get a mid-afternoon snack. Every teacher reported that the tacos were unbelivably good.

        Now, my friend is in Taipei teaching English to little adorables and when he returns he will move to a classroom in the East Village. I am finishing my Masters and painting my house. We are both pining for the possibility that Los Hermanos can get back to top form by September. I've been tempted to run down there (from Sunnyside) this Summer, but I think I will just spend this time praying and hope for the best after Labor Day.

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          Yeah, the only taco that I really enjoyed a lot was the pork enchilada. I thought the pork enchilada was one hell of a taco. The rest of the pickings there seemed OK. The tacos are cheaper than 2 bucks though, to the poster who said that.

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            Tacos were always $2.00 for me, and I bought a lot.

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            UPDATE: The taco stand area of the tortilla factory has been remodeled into an actual restaurant. There are glass walls so one can still see the factory in action. Seating for 18 at tables and counter. Biggest news ... Florencio is back!!! Went in on Friday with an old teacher friend. Tacos were as good as ever. Yum!

          3. I haven't tried it yet. Has anyone tried the new taco place in the same block as Wyckoff Starr?

            1. Is this place open on the weekend?

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                I'm not sure if they're open during the winter at all. As far as tacos are concerned, Jackson Heights blows them away, but it's a cool place to experience.

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                  They're open weekdays during the cold weather while the factory is cranking out tortillas. When the weather warms up, they add weekend hours.