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Jul 22, 2007 01:54 PM

BEST Lobster Roll

After hearing about it from freinds, finally tried the LR at Bob's Seafood Cafe and Ra Bar at New Seabury. Amazing, A split Portuguese roll stuffed with what seems like a pound of large lobster pieces dressed with a little mayo.2-3 times the volume normally seen at any place, not just Cape tourist traps. $25.00 nd well worth every $$. They have other things, but the LR seems to be the draw.

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  1. Geeee, for that price, one can get 4, albeit smaller, LRs at Joshies Place in Milbridge, Me. What are the psychological implications of all this? Any Piagetian psychologists care to comment? And what is the intrinsic factor of the view? How much is it worth vs the quality and quantity of the roll.
    Yesterday I took a group kayak paddling out to the Cranberry Islands off MDI. It was a gorgeous Maine summer day and a great, fun mix of people. We stopped for lunch at the Wharf Rest. in Islesford and ordered LRs for 16 bucks w/ homade fries. This is the most I've ever paid. The rolls were of modest size w/ garden lettuce and parsley and very tasty. We sat outside overlooking the harbor and the overall experience was wonderful. But how would it have been with the same meal beside Rt. 1 in Milbridgewith w/ no ambiance?

    Just Curious, let's hear it Poonster, Manie Foodie, Mainegirl et al

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      If it's about aesthetics, you can't beat Lunt's Dockside Deli, on Frenchboro, an island off Mt. Desert Island and accessed via either Island Cruises or the Maine State Ferry. Last time I was there, I watched a lobsterman unload his catch at the dock below the deck. The island has a tiny year-round population comprised mostly of lobstermen, and the harbor is chockfull of working lobster boats. Only a few houses on the island. No tourists except the handful that come over for a few hours visit on the boat. Yeah, lobster does taste better with such a view.

    2. I'm an Austin TX foodie that just spent an idyllic few days going from Portsmouth up to Edgecomb ME and on to Greenville at Moosehead in search of my favorite lobster roll. I'd read about Red's Eats in Wiscasset, so we stopped there first. It was 14 bucks and came undressed on a sort of hoagie bun. They claim it's a pound of meat - it was close. And not just claw. Great lobster, but the roll was better at our next stop in Sprucehead on up the coast at Miller's Lobster Company. Really quaint and surrounded by water on 3 sides. Theirs was maybe 12 bucks, maybe 1/3 lb meat, and came on a Wonder Bread made sort of hot dog roll (is this portuguese roll?) with white not brown crust sides. Bread was Toasted, buttered, and the meat dressed with a bit of mayo. Delicious. THEN, we ventured from there into northern interior and made way through Newport ME and stopped at a the DOG HOUSE DRIVE IN, a little hot dog stand off the west side of RT 7. Bill, the owner, makes the best lobster roll we tried. A good 1/2 lb of meat for 8 bucks, very lightly dressed with a mayo sort of dressing and a pinch of some type of seasoning over the top (maybe celery seed). The roll was again the wonder bread type buttered and toasted, spread along the bottom with mayo, and a dark green single piece of great lettuce held the meat. The flavor was out of this world and the combination just right. They're open 11-4 Mon - Sat. So good I asked for his card. Nothing in Greenville came close. You New Englanders are lucky - we've nothing like that here in Texas - but the brisket is quite special.

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        The roll you are reffering to is a hot dog roll, New England style. For dogs, lob rolls, whatever one should butter it and lightly grill it in a pan or griddle.
        My lobster rolls were less $$ considering the price of gas.

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          You're reachin' Truff, you're reachin' :-))

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          Proffie Ted, know the Dog House well, used to teach in Newport. Will be looking for to your postings in Austin when we visit our daughter, a student there.

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            Passadumkeg we've BBQ down here that will make you cry cooked slowly over wood all morning. You must search breakfast tacos, migas, brisket, carnitas, cochinita pibil, tamalies, fajitas for the hounds' favorites down here, and, vespaio (italian), smitty's in lockhart, polvo's, and for some great restaurants in town and close by. we will have reviews on all that on the austin board. cheers!

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              Passadumkeg I disguised my name a bit and switched to slowcoooked. We have a "best lobster roll" thread for Austin and I thought back to this thread about a Maine adventure my wife and I had. I hope your daughter graduated by now ;-). Great city, Austin, I hope you've enjoyed your visits. Any standout impressions?

              I still dream of the Dog House Drive In...


          2. Lobster rolls at the top of the list are separated by very little. I go for the view, preferably of salt water. The lobster roll tends to take care of itself.