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Jul 22, 2007 01:51 PM

scallops and ???

So... I bought fresh scallops today and some white wine and I am thinking I want to make a white wine sauce for my scallops, but I don't actually know how... or really what flavors work best together... So any white wine recipes/ advice would be helpful and anything else that goes well with scallops. Thanks!

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      1. White wine....hmmm....garlic, shallots, parsley. Top w/ a bit of lemon zest after you've done a white wine sauce mounted w/ unsalted butter....

        I like scallops w/ a bit of sauteed garlklic and parsley, roasted red peppers and capers. No wine in the dish. Butter and olive oil. Drink the wine.

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          Thanks so much! I ended up completely just experimenting and doing a kind of limey-ginger sauce... it completely overwhelmed the scallops, so I will have to try a more garlicky sauce next time. I'm trying to be more adventurous with my cooking so I guess I'll just chalk this one up to a learning experience dinner.... mmmm... not so delicious.

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            I like a reduction sauce. Remove food, keep warm, pour off excess grease, To pan add white wine, parsley, butter, lemon juice.and herbs of choice (e.g., thyme, dill, tarragon). Boil 2-3 minutes and pour over food.

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              a ginger/lime dressing should have gone well with scallops.

              scallops are sweet and delicate, and are easily overwhelmed, be very cautious with sauce, and instead think of "dressing" them
              i would be very cautious with a garlicky sauce.

              bacon (as mentioned above) goes well with scallops which are also lovely grilled
              (in their shell) with fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon juice, or gremolata

              scallops are lovely stirfried in chinese cooking wine (or sherry), light soy and ginger, and there is little that can beat a freshly battered scallop, fast fried and served with lemon and salt.

              with accompaniment to scallops LESS is definitely more!

          2. thin balsamic vinegar or malted vinegar with a bit of honey; close to a tsp of each for 6-8 scallops and grill 1-2 mins.

            so many wonderful flavors can overwhelm scallops, so go lightly.

            1. i made scallops tonight -
              a decent amount of butter,add scallops at med heat, add crushed garlic after scallops have cooked a bit, add some basil and fresh marjoram (the two herbs I have growing on my porch), and grey salt. I mixed in some spaghetti, and cooked it briefly over low heat with the scallops. then topped with freshly ground pepper. it was very good.

              i have never had luck with white wine sauce and scallops. seems like it should go, right?

              another great way to make scallops - butter again, a lot of it. add scallops and soy sauce, and reduce. that's it. the butter and soy sauce mixed well together makes an incredible sauce.

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                the wine thing may hav something to do with the heat it's reduced at, and the length of time it's done over. scallops need very little cooking and become tough