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Jul 22, 2007 01:32 PM

Need suggestions for Natick area

We'll be in Natick next weekend and need some dining suggestions. We know Blue Ginger is nearby, but how about other interesting choices? Also, a recommendation for a top notch Lobster Roll is always appreciated.

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  1. Maxwell's 148 ( @ 148 East Central Street (Route 135) in Natick is excellent. The food, service and atmosphere are all very good. They know the meaning of the hospitality starting right with Randy, one of the owners, who ususally mans the door. I have had only very positive experiences there.

    1. Natick itself hasn't got much aside from Oga and Dah Mee. Framingham recs for Dakshin, Brazille, Sichuan Gourmet . Ashland for Stones Public House and Chenai Woodlands.

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        I had a really good dinner at Stones two weeks ago - great fish and chips and steak frites out on their patio, good beers, nice people, ample parking. A band was setting up as we were leaving. Go for the bar or the patio, the dining room always seems a little stiff.

        1. re: charlieg

          I agree with the recommendations for Stone's and Maxwell's, though you should probably make a reservation for the latter. My husband and I went to Stone's recently; watched the game on a Friday night in the bar, and made a meal of appetizers (cod cheeks wrapped in bacon, and buffalo shrimp), salads, and beer. On another occasion, I had a salmon entree that was delicious, and he enjoyed the Cuban sandwich. Service is always good, and we love the bread basket. Maxwell's is a more formal dining experience. In addition, I would suggest Gourmet Decisions in downtown Natick (attached to Dolphin Seafood) for breakfast. I haven't had a lobster roll around here lately, but there is a place in Framingham that I believe is mainly an ice cream place- I think it's called Mad Willy's, and the local paper did an article last year on area lobster rolls- I seem to remember they liked theirs. Otherwise, there's Legal, Skipjacks, and Kelly's, all on Rt. 9 eastbound in the Natick/Framingham area, but I haven't had any of them recently.

          1. re: AnnieP

            best lobster roll in natick is at Kelly's roast Beef rt9 eastbound at Jordan's furniture.

            Oga's rt9 west for sushi

            Joan & Ed's Deli- sherwood plaza rt9 east for great jewish deli and breakfast

            Minado japanese seafood buffet can be interesting for seafood lovers for the variety, not fine dining by any means...

            otherwise it's a wasteland of chains and greek pizza joints