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Jul 22, 2007 01:21 PM

Döner kebab?

Anyone know where we can get these anywhere in the area? My husband has now had these sandwiches in Canada and Europe and is obsessed with finding one here. Having just had one this week abroad -- on a toasty flat pita, yum -- I can't disagree.

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  1. i believe they have it at turcuisine in herndon, va.

    1. Here's a couple of threads for you to get you started - there's overlap aplenty to help confirm a few recs.

      1. What area are you in because they are all over? You might not find the revolving spit they have in most places in Europe that they just shave off (although they might have it out of sight), but they are all over the place.

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            Ok then I can't help you. But someone else probably can. I know there are a lot in Northern Virginia and could tell you those names, but not Baltimore.

        1. Nizam's in Vienna (corner of Rt 123 and Nutley Street) is well known for their donor kebab. Every meal we've had there has been very good.

          1. Atilla's on Columbia pike has a nice doner kabob platter and sandwich. However a coworker of mine who had returned from Germany, was specifically looking for the "street-cart" kind. He did not find the sandwiches at Atilla's similar enough. Oddly enough, one day he exclaimed to me that the Arby's gyro sandwich was the closest in yogurt sauce and meat consistency to the ones he ate in Europe. Either the ones he ate in Germany was not the best of quality, or Arby's got something right. But in either case, the Arby's sandwich is discontinued.

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              We've moved a digression about the difference between doner bebabs and gyros to the General Chowhounding Topics board at