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Döner kebab?

Anyone know where we can get these anywhere in the area? My husband has now had these sandwiches in Canada and Europe and is obsessed with finding one here. Having just had one this week abroad -- on a toasty flat pita, yum -- I can't disagree.

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  1. i believe they have it at turcuisine in herndon, va.

    1. Here's a couple of threads for you to get you started - there's overlap aplenty to help confirm a few recs.




      1. What area are you in because they are all over? You might not find the revolving spit they have in most places in Europe that they just shave off (although they might have it out of sight), but they are all over the place.

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            Ok then I can't help you. But someone else probably can. I know there are a lot in Northern Virginia and could tell you those names, but not Baltimore.

        1. Nizam's in Vienna (corner of Rt 123 and Nutley Street) is well known for their donor kebab. Every meal we've had there has been very good.

          1. Atilla's on Columbia pike has a nice doner kabob platter and sandwich. However a coworker of mine who had returned from Germany, was specifically looking for the "street-cart" kind. He did not find the sandwiches at Atilla's similar enough. Oddly enough, one day he exclaimed to me that the Arby's gyro sandwich was the closest in yogurt sauce and meat consistency to the ones he ate in Europe. Either the ones he ate in Germany was not the best of quality, or Arby's got something right. But in either case, the Arby's sandwich is discontinued.

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              We've moved a digression about the difference between doner bebabs and gyros to the General Chowhounding Topics board at http://www.chowhound.com/topics/423957

            2. Temel in Fairfax City has great Doner Kebab on weekends....among other great Turkish and Greek fare.

              3232 Old Pickett Rd, Fairfax, VA 22031

              1. Hi there! If you want the real deal you have to go to Leesburg, VA. Hamburg Doener is the place to be to get the Doener just like in Europe. Check out www.doener-usa.com for the menue and directions.

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                  This joint is a mobile van! They need to get licensed in DC! They'd clean up. LOTS of folks downtown want doener kebabs.


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                    Oh, man. I know it's been almost a year since this was posted, but I feel this pain. Maybe someone should talk to the people at Cafe Mozart? If they opened up an authentic German-style imbiss with doner and currywurst for lunch, many small prayers would be answered.

                    Leesburg is rather far (especially at these prices) but I'm getting desperate!

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                    I've never had a doener before but heard about Hamburg Doener in Leesburg on DC101's Elliot in the Morning. Now I'm addicted. I reccomend the small beef doener with Feta. The large one is a ridiculously huge, for me at least.

                  3. Ask Tom on the washington post website just recently gave out a suggestion for a good place it was the something family kabob... I don't feel like reading the whole transcript again, but I think it was this weeks.

                    1. In BALTIMORE, where you asked for rec's, the first place I'd look is Cazbar in Mt Vernon, which is the only place in town that I know of that bills itself as Turkish. I've never been myself and I'm not even 100% sure it is still there, but if it is I would be quite surprised if they don't have doner kebab.

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                        Their menu says they have doner sandwiches. Gotta try it the next time I'm in bmore

                      2. I just walked by Rumi in DC (21st and L) and they advertise Doner Kebabs, it bills itself as a turkish carryout, but they have a bunch of other stuff. I haven't tried it so i cant vouch for it, has anyone tried it?

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                          Correction on my previous post. Rumi is located on 20th and L

                        2. The new Halal cart, Delle & Campbell has it - looked & smelled good. This is in downtown DC though, and I wouldn't recommend going for a while - the place is swamped at lunch time and doesn't have a very efficient system yet.

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                          1. There is another new Doner Kebab cart over by North Capital and Mass NW (next to Union Station) that just opened up. <em>This was mentioned in the food cart thread.</em>

                            I'm dying to try out this Doner Kebab out, but they sell out by 2pm!