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Jul 22, 2007 01:19 PM

Best Falafel in NYC?

A debatable question, I'm sure- But, where are you favorite Falafel joints in NYC, five boroughs included. I've been up and down the island and through Queens trying to find the king. Kebab Cafe in Queens was stellar, as was the Falafel cart at (I'm going back a little ways here) 36th and Steinway. I practically lived off of Oasis falafel just off Bedford and Maoz, while not fantastic, has been a mainstay for a quick dinner (Viva la Saladbox! Down with that gross fried broccoli, though).

Mamoun's was a bit of a dissapointment and Hummus Place, where the focus is on Hummus and not Falafel, was only okay, a solid B+. The joint on Graham Avenue with the Rosewater-Mint Lemonade is a winner, also. There have been countless other joints here and there but now I'm looking for your suggestions.

Great Moments in Falafel history!: At the cart they pack in fries and fried eggplant, as well as smushing the balls into little patties so there's Falafel in every bite. This is a good idea. Kebab Cafe wraps theirs in a flat bread as opposed to a pita. Also a good idea.

Tell me, NYC Chow Dudes, where is the best Falafel in our fair city?

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  1. Hm... I don't love falafel, but I find Mamoun's to be a good snack and Karam has a pretty good falafel. Karam's on 86th and 4th in Bay Ridge (Beirut.) The falafels are OK, but again I'm not a falafel lover. Their shawarma however is pretty incredible. My favorite shawarma = Karam. I also like their falafels, but maybe it's just an emotional thing?

    1. Back at the post: Has anyone tried Chickpea's Baked Falafel? Their fried stuff was only so-so and I'm hesitant to drop 6 bucks on a colossal mistake.

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      1. re: GilloD

        They have baked falafel??? Let's hope it's good - I would love a non-fried ball of chickpea goodness.

        1. re: piccola

          I just had it today, it wasn't so bad. Had all the flavors that it had before, but now it is less greasy, but its kinda flakey. It crumbles when you cut it and its not really a ball now, its a odd shaped football link type thing. They also give you more falafel's then before.

          1. re: Huffy

            Good to know. I don't mind crumbliness or weird shape if it's in a sandwich.

          2. re: piccola

            Pump has baked Falafel. And while I wouldn't call it the best in the city, it was pretty good considering it was "health food".

            1. re: fooodie

              I actually like The Pump (what I've had, anyway), so maybe I'll dig the falafel.

        2. Azuri Cafe - 51st between 9th & 10th

          1. Completely agree with Dorian, Azuri is amazing!!!!!!!!!! Everyone I bring there is thoroughly bowled over. The guy makes good soups too, and shawarma. And the chicken livers are to die for. Waterfalls, on Atlantic Ave. is also pretty good, but Azuri is tops.

            1. Azuri is delicious. The pickled vegetables are really a great touch.