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Jul 22, 2007 12:12 PM

Market near Eiffel Tower for picnic?

We are planning to have a picnic lunch near the Eiffel Tower at the Champ de Mars while in Paris in April. Any recs for a good place to buy bread, cheese, fruit, sandwiches, etc? A short walk would be ideal so the food stays cold.

Anna & Mike

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  1. marche rue cler including Cantin for cheeses rue du champ de mars. bread from the corner of the street or from the rue sant dominique, Julien. Best macaroons at the tour eiffel end of the rue saint dominique, at renard.

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      Bon Marche has a wonderful food hall with every thing you would need for a picnique. It is a bit of a long, but interesting walk to the Champs de Mars, so you could just jump on the metro for one or two stops. Oh yes, while in the neighbourhood of Bon Marche go to Pierre Herme for macarons. They are the best in the world and you can pick up some Christine Ferber Confiture while you are there. Bon Apetit.

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        second that. rue cler is one of the best market streets in all of paris and marie anne cantin has one of my two favorite cheese shops in all of paris. the champ de mars is nearby and very nice for a picnic

      2. Pain poîlane has a store here, not far from the Eiffel Tower (or Champ de Mars), if you're on Line 6 of the métro: 49 boulevard de Grenelle, Paris 15ème - Tél. 01 45 79 11 49 (just go down rue Desaix, away from the métro, and you'll hit the Champ de Mars). This is often called the best bread in France, BTW.

        You can pick up anything else (I don't remember them selling sandwiches) at a grocery store on the bd. de Grenelle... Or you can find a fromagerie just about anywhere - cheese is better at room temperature anyway, and saucisson won't spoil quickly, either. Without knowing where you're staying, it's harder to say where to get the cheese, saucisson, etc.

        For a sandwich, I'd get a camembert fermier AOC (moulé à la louche, au lait cru), some jambon (ham), cornichons (in any épicerie) or some saucisson (salami), bring a knife (Opinel if you're simple, Laguiole if you're fancy), and maybe some good Normandy butter au lait cru - that would be good enough. You will probably pass some fruit stands on the way. Otherwise, find a good fromagerie and go wild - hit Poîlane for the bread, get some fruit at a stand, some wine at Nicolas or wherever and you're set. I'd consider getting some rillettes or pate, too - they won't spoil during the time you're on the métro heading for the Champ de Mars.

        We used to buy too much food and either end up stuffed or wonder how quickly the stuff would spoil. Salami and cheese, no problem - but paté might not be good after a warm day in a sack in Paris.

        I remember seeing places that sell ready made sandwiches (and chiens chauds - or hot dogs) at the intersection of bd. de Grenelle and Quai Branly. I wasn't paying much attention to sandwiches, since I was there eary in the morning, headed for work. I never tried one, so I don't even know if they're good - but I did eat quite a bit of bread from Poîlane.

        (btw: our names are Annette and Mike - pretty funny)