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Jul 22, 2007 11:43 AM

Hella's - Millersville, Md

Has anyone ever been to Hella's in Millersville, Md on Veteran's Hwy just off Rt 97? We're thinking of going there tonight for dinner. Recs?

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    1. I've been a few times. Decent crabcakes and Greek specialties. They have a dessert display that looks tempting, although I've never indulged. Not much atmosphere though. The dining rooms feels too open, almost like being at a wedding reception in a big hall. I've never eaten in the lounge because of the cigarette smoke.

      1. I find Hellas to be an OK local place, with some decent Greek options and what is perportedly the same crab cake recipe as G&Ms. In my couple of visits, I wasn't wowed by it, but if I lived nearby, it might become a place to go when I don't feel like going further afield - not bad, but not a place I would go out of my way to go to.

        And as the other poster noted, the interior is quite big, and feels very empty when not fully populated, which can be a little disconcerting. I've been there when it's been nearly empty, and other times when it's been fairly packed, though, so it seems to depend on day and time that you go. Oddly enough, the service was *much* slower when the place was empty, despite plenty of staff milling around. Maybe they were having a bad day on that particular visit, but it was rather puzzling.

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          That's exactly what I thought while I was sitting there. I thought, "well this would be a good place to have a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner."

          I had the Greek salad with gyro meat on top which was good. I also had the teromasalata as an appetizer which I found to be just as good as Samos' on Eastern Ave. I live nearby so I'll probably go again. My boyfriend wasn't impressed though. He had the cream of crab soup and the open faced roast beef sandwich both of which he said needed more seasonings.

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            Re: boyfriend's choices

            I may be off-base here, but my impression is that this is the sort of place where Chowhounds might be best off sticking to the Greek specialties. My limited forays into other territory proved to be, like your boyfriend's, on the bland and inoffensive end of the spectrum - the kind of stuff that one imagines would result if Disney did restaurants instead of movies.

            Again, though, it's a matter of expectations. I've seen the parking lot packed many times when driving by, so clearly they've identified their target clientelle, and they are meeting the expecations of their intended customer base. If one likes their target style, they seem to be pretty good at what they do.

            And as I said, they supposedly have/use the G&M crab cake recipe, so it may be a way to get that item without the G&M lines and waiting.

            1. re: Warthog

              Their target clientele appear to be people who sit at the bar and price conscious diners.

              1. re: Denise

                We've taken the kids 2 or 3 times. The nice thing is that you can walk in without a reservation and get seated with no problem. However, I have not been that impressed with the food. The desserts in particular, while looking nice in the glass display case, all seem to have a funky taste like they're all made with the same type of sweetener and it's not very good. We haven't been in months and I don't feel like I'm missing out.

        2. Hella's is a local joint very near our house. The bar has atmosphere but too much smoke (wait untili January), and the dining room is definitely cavernous when business is slow. It's a great place to meet friends for lunch. The dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) are to die for, and their lasagna is amazing as well. We thought the crabcakes had too much breading at one point, but I think they've been better lately - definitely good for the price. Maryland crab soup is awesome too. I don't do dessert, but the men in the family swear by the baklava. It's also a great place to hold parties of any size - they are extremely accommodating and easy to work with!