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Jul 22, 2007 11:35 AM

Chinese banquet in hotel???? (OC area)

Does anybody know of any hotels that do in-house Chinese catering for weddings in the OC area? Yesterday, I found one in Monterey Park (Lincoln Plaza Hotel) but it's too far. I know a lot of hotels are contracted with Chinese restaurants to cater but that's an added cost. I'm looking for a Chinese restaurant already in the hotel to cater. Thanks!

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  1. Sorry, none that I have ever heard of, but my friend had her wedding banquet at the Atrium and had it catered from a not so far away chinese restaurant. The food was good especailly since it was cooked elsewhere. Good Luck!

    1. Hi

      I don't know of any but have you considred Prince Seafood in Cerritos? It is a bit closer and the decor is pretty compared to other banquets.

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        Has Prince Seafood reopened yet? Last time I drove by, it still looked closed due to that fire a couple of years ago.

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          Went to a banquet there last Thanksgiving weekend, so they've been open for a while.

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            Thank you all for your suggestions. I will look into the Atrium and Prince Seafood. I welcome all suggestions in the OC or near the OC. It's just that Monterey Park is just too far and the traffic is horrible.

      2. The San Gabriel Hilton would be a bit closer and has a better environment than Lincoln Plaza, but the food and service is spotty. The Universal City Hilton would be the first choice, but that is way too far.

        Given your criterias, my rec would be Cima in Industry Hills (City of Industry). It's located inside the Industry Hills Sheraton. The view and atmosphere is very nice, and it's within reasonable distance from north OC since it's next to Rowland Heights. The food is spotty sometimes, but in my opinion, better than the San Gabriel Hilton and not as good as the Universal Hilton.

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          Thank you, WHills. We'll check out Cima.

          We checked out Prince Seafood and we like it. Thank you, quinntran for the recommendation.