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Jul 22, 2007 11:18 AM

square chocolate sprinkles

I recently had a chocolate cupcake topped with tiny square chocolate sprinkles. I'm totally enamored. The sprinkles actually tasted like real chocolate and were paper thin. Has anyone seen these for sale before or does anyone have an idea for an online source? I've tried to google for these but haven't had much luck. Thanks.

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  1. These aren't so small, but they are pretty thin ... or this one if you don't read Dutch

    I bought my dark chocolate flakes the last time I was in Amsterdam at a grocery store for a couple of bucks, but I've seen them in Harvard Square the last time I was in Cambridge at (for 9 bucks!!!


    I've come to the conclusion that I can do the same or better using a vegetable peeler and a good bar of chocolate.

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      thanks! funny website. I like how every product is displayed on the exact same piece of mickey mouse bread with a bite out of it!

      1. re: grubn

        It tastes best that way - one serving of Mickey's ear avec chocolat! LOL ... Actually, I have used the dark chocolate flakes/sprinkles on almost everything you can imagine but mostly I find that I use them on ice cream or on cakes ... hope you find what you're looking for!

      2. re: GetOutTheMapGuy

        Best thing to eat them, on fresh white bread (with the crusty crust) with butter and the sprinkles!! what can I say, it's a dutch thing! and very tasty!!

      3. Your post is pretty old. However, Last week I visited " The Kitchen Company" in Grants Pass, Oregon. They carry the small square chocolate sprinkles your asking for. I think the price is approx. $15,00 for 3.5 oz bottle. Enjoy!!

        1. Okay, this is 3 years later, but I found a source for the square chocolate sprinkles. King Arthur Flour Co. out of Vermont sells packages of them. They're on the web at or you can call them (800) 827-6836. They are called Sweet Chocolate Flakes and 4 oz. costs about $10-$12.