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Jul 22, 2007 11:10 AM

Coffee Roasters - NOVA preferred

I've gone to the french press method at home. Some beans that taste decent in drip really come through with their inferiority in the press. I'm in Reston, but travel across NOVA enough that I could pick up from nearly anywhere every week or two.

I'd like to get beans from a roaster.

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    1. Gene Cafe or HotTop :) Both roast really well. (In your own home of course, since they are both coffee roasters. Greens can be had at sweet maria's or a variety of other online shops)

      You can also try the iroast.

      Otherwise there is a decent roaster in mclean and or Jamie's General Bean in centreville.

      I second the vote for murky.

      I believe there is a nice place in purcelville that sells intelligentsia coffee... Good stuff.

      1. Beanetics, a fairly new shop in Annandale, roasts beans in the store. They're still experimenting with blends and roasts, but in general things are pretty good. They're on Columbia Pike at Gallows Road, just east of all the Korean restaurants, in the same shopping strip that used to have a Magruder's at the end.

        1. Beanetics roasts their own coffee (located in Annandale, 7028 Columbia Pike). I bought a bag from their table a while back at the Clarendon farmers market (Weds, 3-7pm at Clarendon metro). They only had two kinds of coffee at the market so the store is better if you want a bigger selection.
          Here's an earlier chowhound thread on Beanetics: