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Jul 22, 2007 10:27 AM

Restaurants north of Nashville

We are moving to Gallatin within the year. Any recommendations for favorite restaurants/cafes in the general Gallatin/Hendersonville area? Doesn't have to be fancy, just good! Also, any favorite unusual food shopping venues?


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  1. Hi rexsreine,

    I live in Lebanon, which is east of Nashville and a little southeast of Gallatin. I am somewhat familiar with the area. I hate to write this, but you will not find a great deal of good food in your area. Try to get information on East Nashville. That would be the closest place for independent, foodie types of places. The Nashville Scene is published each Wednesday and they are a good resource for information about Nashville dining. They can be found at I don't know where you are moving from but you can expect to find good southern food here in the area. The meat and three are the classics and you should be able to find this in Gallatin. Gallatin is a growing area and they are trying to keep the downtown square area vibrant. Larriviere's on the Square is pretty good. They finally got their beer license in the spring. Good luck!

    1. I lived in Robertson County for awhile and I agree. Loads of meat-n-three's but not much else. The nice thing about Nashville is it's such a small city and you can get from one end to the other in 20 minutes so driving from Gallatin to West End for good chow is really worth it.

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        Thanks, creativeusername and smoot60, for your responses. We did see Larrivviere's when driving around and I'm sure we'll give it a try. DH and I both enjoy good southern food so we're happy to know there'll be plenty around. I'm familiar with Nashville Scene as my cousin was once closely associated with it; guess it will be a paper worth finding and having around, especially as we familiarize ourselves with the area. We're moving from Scottsdale, AZ, so we're used to driving 30 minutes or more to try out someplace special. Thanks again.

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          If you find yourself a little further north on Hwy 41, I can recommend a really great greasy-spoon called Larry's Restaurant in Springfield. Great down-home southern food and there is nothing better for a hangover than a Larry's King Burger!

          204 Central Ave E
          Springfield, TN 37172
          (615) 384-8469

          I hope you enjoy Gallatin. We really miss weekends on Old Hickory.

      2. We moved to Hendersonville at the beginning of this year, and absolutely love it here, hope you do to! It has more of a small town feel than the typical "suburb". Gallatin is very similar, although lots of new construction is going on at both that may change things.

        Two of my favorite places are The Blue Goose and The Mason Jar. You said it doesn't have to be fancy, and these definitely aren't! Both are meat and three types, terrific food and loads of character. Be sure and get iced tea at Mason Jar, it's the best I've ever had, and this is from a lifelong southerner.

        At Blue Goose bring a check or cash (no credit card machine). They have the best burger in town but everything is terrific. You seat yourself here, and I'd recommend sitting near the back. My reasoning for you won't get in trouble if you are the husband in the family, and so you won't be tempted to smack your husband if the wife...the waitresses are drop dead gorgeous :)