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Jul 22, 2007 10:15 AM

Old cheesecake bakery in Oakland on Foothill by Fruitvale

My uncle was friends with the baker of one of the best cheesecakes that I've ever tasted. The shop was on Foothill Blvd just north of Fruitvale. Hopefully there's an hounder that's old enough to remember this shop and can tell me his name.

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  1. Ahhh, it was Dorfer's Vienna Cheesecakes

    1. That wsa in fact Dorfer's Vienna Bakers
      5926 Foothill Blvd.
      My Grandfather owned it for many years. I enjoyed many of days playing there and folding boxes for the cheesecakes. I also enjoyed taggin along on deliveries to all the fine restuarants in the City via the sidewalk elevators. Oh what fun as a kid!

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        I have been looking all over for a replica recipe for Dorfer's cheesecake. I was just back home (in Fremont) & my Dad was talking about it again. Any chance you have a recipe or one that would be a close second?

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          I would go there with my dad in 1958 to buy cheesecakes
          for his Masonic Lodge meetings down the street. The cheese
          cakes were such a treat. What was your grandpa's name
          and would you share his recipe???

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            I grew up in the Sequoyah Highlands neighborhood in the Oakland Hills. I was friends with Ernie M. and his family who lived a couple of houses a way from my house on Greenview Drive. They owned the Dorfer's Vienna Cheesecake Bakery on Foothill Blvd near Seminary Ave.

            I have wondered what happened to this great product. It totally disappeared and I haven't found anything like it over the last 50 years. I would love to talk to someone who has information on the Family and/or Dorfer's Vienna Cheesecake.
            Walt Medeiros

            P.S. Their youngest Daughter graduated from San Leandro high school in 1962

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              I never come on this site. Sorry for that late reply. Ernie is my grandfather. My Mom was his oldest daughter. Both she and my Aunt graduated from San Leandro High School. Many many years ago, my grandfather sold the bakery to another person when he was ready to retire. It survived for some time and then closed. I don't know the circumstances.

              A family update: Both Ernie and Marie have now passed and their eldest daughter, my Mom. Their younger daughter still lives in the Bay Area and is enjoying her grandbabies.

              As for the recipe, my Mom worked very hard to break it down from the large batches they made. She too worked there for years. The sad part is, it was lost when she passed. I noticed another posted shared a recipe. I need to look at it a little closer to see if it resembles what I remember.

          2. When I was a kid, a long time ago, my dad worked at Clorox in Oakland and sometimes he'd stop by Dorfers to bring home one of their incredible cheesecakes. I dream of them today.

            Lac123, what was the circumstance that Dorfers closed? My goodness, there is a whole new generation or two who would so love that Dorfer experience!


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              Riclf, please see reply above to WaltMedeiros.


            2. Has anyone tried Gregory's gourmet desserts? Looks like it's near lake merrit. I see there was a (fluffy) chow article in it but couldn't find any real discussion as to how it stacks up: