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Jul 22, 2007 10:04 AM

french bistro NoVA or DC (<$$)

Worth the drive to go into DC for a good french bistro type experience or are the nova restaurants similar/better?

Difficulty: Not expensive, entree cost <20 bucks and not requiring 2-3 courses at under twenty dollars to fill up either :)

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  1. maybe bistro 123 in tysons?

    1. Bistro des CĂ©lestins would be my pick...not sure if that's considered extreme west arlington or extreme east falls church.

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        Bistro des Celestins is pretty good. Their steak and frites are very good. Skip the bread...reminded me of the Vie de France loaves I used to buy in the supermarket, take home and bake...kinda spongy texture.

      2. Depending where you are coming from, I'm not sure its worth the drive, but my favorite moderate price French restaurant in DC is Bistro D'Oc. My favorite dish is their duck confit but their hanger steak, roasted chicken, and duck dishes are incredible.

        Most of their entrees are rather filling and I usually just get an entree and fill up on their french bread.

        Depending on what you get you can certainly get something for under $20. Or get a bowl of french onion soup and a goat cheese salad for a meal.

        Also if you are interested in going to a movie, if you go to E Street Cinema first and then keep your ticket you can go to Bistro D'Oc and get 2 free dessert if you order 2 entrees. Not a bad deal.