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Jul 22, 2007 10:01 AM

Who serves popovers?

Neiman-Marcus used to have them in their tea rooms. Do they still? If not, who does? Whose are the best?

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  1. Neiman Marcus serves them downstairs in the dining room. They are also very easy to make yourself-- my 4 year old helps me.

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    1. re: roxhills

      rox--you have inspired me to search for a recipe i got it and tried it're right, it's very easy...and mine turned out pretty good.....thanks a lot!!!

      1. re: fdb

        WilliamsSonoma sells a great non-stick popover pan for about 20.00. It makes a real difference in how they turn out. The recipe they include produces excellent results. I'm a bit of a popover and Yorkshire pudding fanatic and I have tried many variations. The WilliamsSonoma version is one of the simplest and produces the best results.

    2. Tropical Bakery in Silver Lake.

      1. I've made them too and it's really easy. you just need some basic ingredients and a muffin tin. Marston has some cheese ones that are good.