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Jul 22, 2007 09:50 AM

craving a mai tai. any suggestions?

looking for a fantastic mai tai preferably outside the city. maybe brookline, cambridge area. can anyone offer any suggestions?

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  1. Back in my younger (and less calorie obsessed) days, I'd drop by the Hong Kong for a few Mai Tais and top the event off with a delicious Pu Pu platter.

    1. We need the great Brother Cleve to chime in on this. I don't know if he reads Chowhound.

      I make mean Tiki drinks at home, including the original-recipe Trader Vic's Mai Tai, for which I specifically bought my own electric ice shaver. The only place in town I'd tried was the now-defunct Tiki Room on Lansdowne St, now home to La Verdad -- its Tiki drinks weren't terrible.

      But Christopher Muther of the Globe did a little tour of places that at least have authentic Tiki bar atmosphere (with Cleve along to assess the drinks, most of which he rated "acceptable"), a few months back. I can't vouch for any of these myself, but he toured the Kowloon in Saugus, Bali Hai in Lynnfield, Tahiti in Dedham, South Pacific in Newton, and Tiki Island in Medford. Details here:

      Good luck! Would love to see a follow-up report on wherever you end up.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        I still have a half a case of Trader Vic's Mix and a bottle of Orgeat Almond Syrup that I had shipped for a party! Cost as much to ship as purchase 2 cases - LOL! Trader Vic Mai Tais in New England - priceless!!!

        Montien makes a propper Mai Tai - order it with no grenadine.

      2. Not outside of the city, but I've had excellent Mai Tais at Eastern Standard (Kenmore Square), and Billy Tse's (Commercial Street/North End). At Billy Tse's, you'll see more regulars at the bar with a Mai Tai in front of them than any other drink - they really know how to make them here.

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        1. re: Rubee

          Billy Tse and ES:

          Billy Tse's
          240 Commercial St Lbby 1, Boston, MA 02109

          Eastern Standard
          528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

          1. re: Rubee

            Second Billy Tse's. Count me as one of those at the bar with a Mai Tai. I think it is the best I have had. Not cloying like many Polynesian / America-Chinese places (thinking Kowloon, e.g.) I often ask for a dark rum floater. Not that it needs it, mind you, they are quite (deliciously) boozy on their own.

          2. Golden Temple in Brookline has a stand-up Mai Tai. Just be careful- it packs a real punch! Thank goodness I live in walking distance!

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            1. re: bex77

              I second that!! The Mai Tais at Golden Temple are excellent... Definitely the best I've ever had... and they do pack a wallop!

              North Shore of Boston - Blue Fin in Middleton on 114 has a really good Mai Tai as well.

            2. Go to Imperial China in Framingham. Good chinese food and a potent "May's Special" Mai-Tai. They won't tell you whats in it and they will only serve you two. Enjoy.

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              1. re: jferg18

                Been there, done that, and your right!

                Imperial China
                413 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA 01701

                1. re: Harp00n

                  Before I forget it, my man Ming makes a great Mai Tai here along with the other usual Tiki Bar suspects, ie, Fog Cutters, Suffering Bastards, etc. Give up your keys to the SO first, however.


                  Obtw, a good compendium for after-hours explorations;

                  Lotus Flower
                  341 Cochituate Rd, Framingham, MA 01701