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Dinner for my parent's 59th Anniversary- need advice!

Dad called me last week and asked where they could go, meaning with us, for their 59th anniversary next Friday night. He suggested a nice hotel dining room-- but no specifics.

What would you suggest? She likes meat or shrimp, he likes it all. NO ASIAN OR PASTA please. Price isn't a big concern for this event. We thought of Whist at the Viceroy as we had a good tasting from them at the "Taste of the Nation" event recently. But we've never dined there and don't know if it's "too hip" for folks in their eighties or NOISY which is always a drag when you're older. Also thought of "Cut" but don't know if a reservation is a possibility.
Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Not sure how many people you are planning to have, but Arnie Morton's by La Cienega and San Vicente has a separate dinning room for groups. Sometimes there are other groups in there too but it's very spacious. You could run over there and see it.

    What is it that he likes about a hotel dining room? I ask because then perhaps I could think of restaurants that might appeal to him.

    Let me know what you decide. My parents are hitting 61st anniversary in November so I need to think about this too!

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      Yes they loved Arnie Morton's. (It closed.) I think "hotel dining room" means classy and quiet. It will be just a small group.

      Is the Bel Air Hotel really good?

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        The Hotel Bel Air is lovely. I can't think of a nicer setting for a wedding anniversary.

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          "Yes they loved Arnie Morton's. (It closed.)"

          Closed? Beverly Hills Arnie M's is not closed to the best of my knowledge.

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            I ate there last Sunday. Very open. Morton's in Hollywood is closing. That's the one where they had the Oscar parties. They are both owned by the same family, but different branches. Arnie Morton's is the one that the rest of the world just calls "Morton's." Confusing, I know.

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            Morton's on Melrose/Robertson is closed. Not Arnie Mortons. I haven't tried the restaurant at the Bel Air in several years so I cannot comment on the food, but the location and setting are great. I do like lunch on the patio. La Cachette? Spago (not always so quiet) and depending on the size of the group i find it hard to talk at a round table for 8 or more. The Blvd at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel?

        2. How about the restaurant at Casa del Mar in Santa Monica or the Hotel Bel Air? Josie's, also in Santa Monica, has great food and an elegant and relatively quiet ambiance, similar to what I'm guessing is what your dad likes about hotel dining rooms.

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            I hosted a couple of dinners and a brunch at Casa del Mar shortly after it first opened and each time found the food lacking and the service HORRIBLE. Complaints to the general manager were ignored. Never went back. Too bad because it's very pretty. Perhaps it's better now???

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              I haven't been in more than a year. The service was really good, it was pretty quiet and the food was pretty good.

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              CDM has a new restaurant called CATCH. mostly seafood. wasn't crazy about the food or service. expensive too.

            3. Try the dinning room at the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena, they will love it!!
              Yes it is called "The Dinning room"

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                I was going to suggest the same thing. Very elegant and quiet, and they have lovely grounds for a pre-dinner walk

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                  Thanks for the update on Arnie's. Dad had told me that they were closed or closing for redevelopment on the property. I guess he was confused. They love the place, but I think he wants something nicer.
                  No to Casa del Mar, I've been twice and neither time was anything worth remembering. Josie could be interesting. I don't remember if we've done La Cachette or not. The Ritz sounds fabulous, but driving to Pasadena on a Friday night could be dicey from Sherman oaks. I'll check and see what appeals to them.
                  Is the Peninsula worth doing?
                  Keep those suggestions coming, it's sad that there are so few places to choose from that are quiet. I hope some restaurateurs are reading this!!!

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                    ..."keep those suggestions coming.."

                    How many people will be dining?

              2. 59 -- wow! Congrats to the HAPPY couple. My in-laws just did the 60th a few months ago in San Diego.

                Shula's 347 = steak, seafood, nice hotel dinning room (very nice, not pretentious and really good steaks). This is the only hotel dinning I ever really enjoyed.

                Shula's 347 Grill

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                  If money is not an obstable, how about Melisse in Santa Monica? Wherever you end up going, congratulations - this sounds like a lovely way to celebrate your parents' milestone!

                2. I think Via Veneto on main street is one of my favorite restaurants for Special occasions. The food is excellent and the service is great. Not a hotel though. Might I also suggest Jar.

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                    I love Jar but it's not exactly quiet.

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                      Good place for those who read lips or know sign language.

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                      Via Veneto is one of my favorite restaurants too, but it may be too loud.

                    3. compucook,

                      How many people are in your party? If you've got between 7-8 people, I would suggest TABLE ONE at the Hotel Bel Air.


                      Very pricey, but very worth it. It's basically like having your private chef, or an uber chef's table.

                      Closest thing to an Urasawa type dining experience for Western cuisine.

                      And happy anniversary to your parents!

                      Hotel Bel-Air
                      701 Stone Canyon Road, Los Angeles, CA 90077

                      1. Wilshire in Santa Monica has a separate, private dining room next to the outdoor patio which is lovely! Both the food and service are always superb.

                        1. I dont have a restaurant suggestion. Just a simple RIGHT ON for 59 years together!!!! God bless 'em!

                          Oh wait, Whist at Viceroy. Probably not a good choice. We stayed there. Very young, hip and loud.

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                            Thanks for the great ideas and input! Dinner will be 4-6 people only. Too small and too many different tastes to do a tasting menu. One other idea I had was the Four Seasons dining room. A friend's mother had her 70th birthday there and said it was nice. Thanks the input on the Viceroy, sounds too young! I've never heard of Via Veneto or Shula but I'll do a search and report back. We've done Melisse and the last meal I had there was very uneven. The waiter was cocky as all h*ll and they never refilled our coffees and "ran out" of bread on a Saturday night at 8:30! When I called to complain the mgr was not very concerned nor apologetic. I wrote about it here.
                            The Bel Air maybe the top spot. I'm not relishing the traffic to get them over to Pasadena when the others are coming from the Westside and the West Valley.

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                              What about Michael's in Santa Monica? The patio there is beautiful and romantic; the food's excellent, albeit expensive.

                          2. A beautiful dinner at the Hotel Bel Air for the Anniversary couple followed by a stay in a room with patio and fireplace. A tribute to romance, longevity and love.
                            Congrats to all of you. Truly, I believe that the Hotel Bel Air will be the best venue. More likely, than not, they will even be able to peer over the terrace and see a lovely wedding ceremony.

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                              Unfortunately the Bel Air was full until 8 so I grabbed the Four Seasons. Dad wanted a hotel so I stuck with his wishes. If it was on a Sunday, I would have liked the Ritz Pasadena, but not on Friday night. Maybe for Dad's birthday next month!
                              Thanks for all of your suggestions and I'll report back afterwards!

                            2. If you're not locked into the notion of a hotel restaurant, and if you (and, more to the point, the parents) don't mind the drive, I would suggest Saddle Peak Lodge. Hipness is not a factor at all; the meat is great -- if she likes beef, she should try the elk tenderloin, which is better than the best filet mignon I've ever had -- it is quiet; service is professional and excellent; the decor is wonderful; and they will definitely treat your party with the utmost deference if you tell them it's for 59th wedding anniv. Here's their dinner menu: http://www.saddlepeaklodge.com/dinner.... Reservations are through Open Table.