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Jul 22, 2007 08:51 AM

Umeko Sushi and Grill

Guidelive recently reviewed it:

It's located on 75 and Legacy, in the strip that's got New San Dor, Boba Latte, and other Asian restaurants. Anyone tried it out yet?

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  1. We just came back from Umeko--the best Chinese and Taiwanese food we've had in town so far! We had a Chinese (from HK) friend who used to live in Taiwan order for us. All the dishes were great! He ordered

    -Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs (delicious!)
    -Three Cup Flavors Chicken (=Basil Chicken)--better than Genroku's
    -Minced Pork w/ Bean Curd & Hot Peppers (spicy but very nice flavor)
    -Sauteed Sea Clam with Ginger
    -Five Flavored Squid
    -Bitter Melon w/ Spare Ribs
    -Sauteed Green (nice flavor)--not on the menu

    He said the Cantonese at Tasty Wok and the Shanghainese at Yao Fuzi are even better! Can't wait to try them!!

    FYI, he and his friend from HK say the food at First Chinese BBQ isn't really Chinese/Cantonese \'o'/

    1. If you go and you're white, make sure when you order that you specify that you want the original, Chinese version. Not the "American". Unless you like sugar more than anything else.

      1. On kuidaore's strong recs on this board, my family and I tried Umeko for the first time yesterday for lunch. My brother was in the mood for sushi, while the rest of us wanted Chinese, and Umeko fit the bill. We had the eggplant with basil and shrimp with walnuts and mayonnaise. Everyone was pleased with the shrimp dish, though opinion was split on the eggplant. I enjoyed the earthy profile it had to it, whereas my siblings really didn't care for it. The sushi rolls we ordered were predicably bland, since I had a fair idea sushi was not the main draw for other Asian patrons, though the portions of fish were fresh and large. Definitely looking forward to returning and venturing into more of the Taiwanese offerings.

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          According to my Chinese food master, Umeko is hit and miss. No, he (or I) would NOT order sushi there!

          I, as well as some other CHs, really like Minced Pork w/ Bean Curd & Hot Peppers. I also enjoyed stir-fried burdock roots (gobo) with chicken--the flavor is more subtle and it seems bland in the beginning, but it grows on you. My partner loves Five Flavored Squid.