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Jul 22, 2007 08:49 AM

Any Visits to Riche Lately?

I read some reviews from 2006, but haven't seen anything recently. Just curious if any hounds have been lately, and what opinions are.

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  1. I went there for lunch about 2 months ago. The service was at a snail's pace and it was lunch. I needed to be in and out in an hour and told them that in advance ridiculous. My friend had the crouque madame and I hand some sort of sandwhich sad that it made no impression on me. It was ok not worth paying hotel prices. I've also heard throught the grapevine that Todd English has been extremley hard to work with and I would rather support local chefs who don't have the ego or the attitude.

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      We go to Riche's regularly when we visit NO (4 times a year). We have never had any complaints other than when Tiffany was the chef there. We always go for lunch. The onion soup outstanding, as well as the mussels with pomme frittes. Burgers good. Crabmeat salad, etc.

      I heard from management there that Todd English has nothing to do with the restaurant. He allowed Harrah's to use his name. Localfoodie states that he is very hard to work with. I am confused now.

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        Todd English was suppose to do a number of appearences to support the restaurant and never actually showed up!

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        You make an excellent point, as he money from a visit there would not benefit the locals. ...I'm not going.

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          kkak, however the money does benefit the waiters/buspersons.

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            Exactly: everyone who works in the restaurant, from the front of the house right down to the dishwasher, lives here. Whether the ownership is local shouldn't matter--they're still paying taxes here. A rising tide floats all ships.

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              Agreed, and I understand what you are saying, however, many locally owned restaurants in New Orleans do not have the benefit of having a captive clientele.

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        1. ChanseS,

          Then why did management tell us that Todd has nothing to do with the actual restaurant?

          1. 3 friends and I went there on Sept. 3rd after trying Besh Steakhouse (always been wonderful) first. We arrived about 6:30 and were told the wait was about 45 minutes. A little over an hour later a girl came by and said she was going to get the table ready. She came back about 20 minutes later and took us outside to our table. About 10 minutes later the waiter came by and left the menus. He came back about 10 minutes later and took the drink orders, then came back about 10 minutes later and took the food orders. About 30 minutes went by and we flagged him down and asked about the drinks. About 5 minutes later our appetizers came and we again inquired about the drinks. 10 more minutes and we finally got our drinks (2 of which were wrong) just in time for the main course. We ordered more drinks and began to eat. We are very patient (obviously) local people and began looking around to see how everyone else’s service seemed to be going. It was painfully obvious there were many other people who were not happy that night. We saw tables with people who had been seated before us and some had their food and were eating/finished eating whilst others at their table hadn’t gotten anything past a glass of water. About 10 minutes into eating our main course a lady came by and asked how everything was. We began to tell her about our experience and she said “Oh I hadn’t noticed any problems”. My friend said “well who are you and what is your position?” She said that she was the manager. I, who hadn’t said anything so far, said “How in the world could you have not noticed that there are major problems tonight? We still haven’t gotten a second round of drinks that were ordered over 15 minutes ago”. She said that she would go and check on the drinks. She returned with our drinks and said they were on the house.

            I must say that the food was absolutely wonderful, but we all agreed that the service was the worst that any of us have ever had in any restaurant. I might go back just because the pork chops cooked in a cherry sauce was out of this world, but if the service starts out bad then I will walk out and never try again.

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              well everyone is exactly where they want to be... stay away from casino food. hope you learned your lesson. new orleans chefs are too plentiful to be eating at ANOTHER out of town chain!!

              1. re: brixgurl

                Enough with the "eat local" already. The waiter, line cook, busboy, hostess, etc are all LOCALS, earning a paycheck, paying taxes, and generally trying to get by, just like the rest of us.