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Jul 22, 2007 08:37 AM

panko in orlando?

all the tv cooking shows and magaines are using panko in their recipes...and i can't find it anywhere! i know whole foods and publix don't carry it. does anyone know of a place in orlando where i can buy panko?

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  1. Whole foods does indeed carry it, at least the ones in Aventura, and Boston MA. do. Other than that, try an asian market, or an "upscale gourmet" market, even though the product is certainly not upscale. If you want to approximate it, take some wonder bread, cut the crust off, let it sit out for about a week, then pulse it in a food processor until it is roughly ground.

    1. I just purchased a big bag of panko at the Asian Superstore off of Colonial (near Mills). I can't remember the exact name of the place, but it's the place with the three rather large statues out front and the blue awning. They were near the aisle where the rice wine vinegars and ponzu sauce are.

      Also, the Publix in Baldwin Park carries panko in the Ethnic Foods aisle, bottom shelf, black and red box.

      I can't remember which place is less expensive, and I haven't been able to ascertain any differences in quality.

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        You're talking about Super Oriental Market -- I love that place, and it is one-stop shopping for any Asian foods. Usually the staples are reasonably-priced, too.

      2. Most Publix now carry it -- it's in the back near where the sushi and seafood items are located.

        I make my pork tenderloin (or veal, if I get carried away) sandwich with it instead of the second layer of flour in the egg wash. Have used very fine corn flour -- a secret -- for years but find the panko actually provides a better texture.

        1. stupid casselberry publix! thanks for the tips all! i tried america's test kitchen's lo fat chicken's awesome, i highly recommend it!

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            Super Target also carries panko.

            Heather W

          2. I get them at Fresh Market, normally runs about 1.39 a bag but I stock up when they go on sale for .99 cents