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Jul 22, 2007 07:19 AM

Has anyone tried this whoopie pie recipe from Cook's Country?

I made the Martha Stewart whoopie pies with a creamy peanut butter center for an outdoor party this weekend and everyone really liked them but I thought they were just ok. They were not chocolaty enough for me. Thanks, Richie

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  1. Yes, I have tried it several times. It is a very good recipe. The cakes are soft but not crumbly and the filling is really creamy and delicious. Martha also has another whoppi pie recipe on her site from some caterers who were on her show. They are from Maine so they are probably pretty authentic, but you can't go wrong with Cook' Country. Enjoy :)

    1. i have the good housekeeping cookie cookbook. and i've made those whoopie pies. and they're fantastic.

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      1. I want to try this recipe and make them a bit smaller, to serve more people. Does anyone have any experience doing this?

        1. The Cooks Country recipe is my favorite. However, the new Cuisine at Home has a whole article on smaller whoopie pies with different fillings and flavors.

          1. I just tried the filling part of the recipe and it is the first recipe (ever) from Cook's Illustrated/Cook's Country that did not work. It was way too runny at room temperature, and I don't think it's reasonable to have to keep them refrigerated at all times. I was making them for a bake sale. I read this thread before settling on this recipe, that's why I'm posting my results. I followed the directions exactly. I seem to be the only one that had a problem. Fortunately I also made a peanut butter filling, which saved the day. That recipe was adapted from Better Homes & Gardens and worked great. I added salt.

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              Well yes. You give up the stable at room temp filling that you get with shortening to increase the flavor with butter. If you want to use them for a bake sale check out the recipe spread in the new Cuisine at Home. It uses shortening and butter.

              The CC do taste better though. Also, the recipe didn't fail, It specifies that they should be kept in the fridge.