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Jul 22, 2007 06:42 AM

good chow in Scarsdale... FOUND! Meritage

I'm always desperate to find good food experiences in lower westchester and Friday night I found one. No small event. I accidentally went to Meritage (1505 Weaver Street ) because I thought, based on some old Chow posts, that it was a place called La Cigna. It was a great place. We had fresh crab with avocado as an appetizer- a special on the menu and it was delicious. There were three of us and we had filet mignon, linguine with fresh tomatoes and paperadelle with bolognese sauce. A few criticisms... sure... The linguine was a bit short on sauce - the medium filet had some areas to rare for my friend's taste -- but overall the food was in fact delicious. For dessert we shared an amazing chocolate bread pudding. The host was very welcoming and the waitstaff friendly and knowledgeable. It's fantastic to find a place in LW that I actually want to go back to. Yes - these are Manhattan prices - but at least it's Manhattan food.

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  1. I agree. I have been going there regularly since the changeover from IL Cigno. Chef Vergara creates masterpieces daily. He has an unbelievable palette.

    They know their food and they know their wine. My only criticism...portions could be a little larger. I would probably go there a little more often.

    1. Ate there once. I thought the food was no better than a dozen less expensive restaurants in the area. And the atmosphere was kind of cold and unfriendly (much like another scarsdale restaurant, Moscato)...unless you were a regular. In which case lots of hugs and air kisses. No thanks...

      1. Went there once - awful experience - never again!

        1. i'm surprised by the last two posts. meritage has been our "family occasion" restaurant for years. the food is consistently good and inventive (for a westchester restaurant). it is pricey, and the service can be slow, tho.