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Jul 22, 2007 06:03 AM

Spicy&Tasty in Flushing

Hey All Wow I HAVE been away a while :). S&P take put last night: Squid wih Pickled Turnips and hot peppers, better than I remember./ Lamb Home Style (with many tree ear mushrooms and the same pickled peppers as the Squid yet totally different flavor, So good.Oh and remembering Brian S's advice to ask for "Ma La" if you want very hot, I asked for the dishes to be cooked that way and she laughed that I knew to ask :) And said ok. It was somewhat hot but not overly so.

For the Cold Apps? : Beef Tripe chewy, spicy, tasty,:) and bursting with flavor especially of the chopped fresh cilantro, mixed thru-out. The mixed "salad" of what seems to be chinese celery and these brown stalky looking things (so appetizing to read about huh?) well great texture and of course that szechuan pepper flavor you only realize you were craving after you taste it again . And what could possibly be bad with the Cold Noodles in Red Chili pepper. (Couldnt find any red chili pepper but some ground peanuts for sure and what a great cold noodle dish.

The place still rocks. Must try the Steamed Pork in Rice Powder thjat i saw on the menu while waiting. It reeminds me of a dish I had nmany yrs ago in a Szechuan place in Chinatown down town that was billed as "Steamed Intestine" and had this addictive spicy yet fragrant coating steamed into the tender meat . Maybe I will be able to "go back home" :)

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  1. I pretty much loved mos thingsI have had here, and there are SO many things to try. I may have to move to Flushing between Spicy & Tasty, Little Pepper and the food courts...try the homestyle lamb...and there are so many good cold the eggplant and the spicy bamboo...

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    1. re: prunefeet

      hi prunefeet,

      is the eggplant and spicy bamboo a cold app dish? i don't recall seeing this at S&T.


      1. re: moymoy

        Yes. When you first walk in there is a glass case with all kinds of cold apps. I have tried several and they have all been quite good. Esp in hot weather. Oh, by the way, the eggplant is one dish and the bamboo is another dish, not combined, if that was not clear.

        1. re: prunefeet

          ok, cool...i did think it was a combo dish but i love bamboo so i'll have to try that next time. i always go for the chinese celery & bean curd cold app. delicious stuff.

          1. re: moymoy

            i love the cold rabbit app., also in the case when you walk in. cold as in temperature, not spice.