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Jul 22, 2007 04:09 AM

Detroit Free Press said Pampas closed in B'ham

did anyone eat there?? I was put off by the price, which would make you want to eat a lot to get your money's worth. But I had a coupon which I had intended to use...oh well

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  1. the place was huge - and in b'ham, retail level rent is not cheap. even at $50+ per person for dinner, they could not make it.

    word is that there is an asian-fusion place taking the space.

    1. Another unfortunate closing: Pilar's in Ann Arbor. Unfortunately I bet plenty more good places are going down before we hit bottom around here.

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      1. re: Jim M

        Pilars? That's sad. I always get her tamales at the Farmer's Market on Saturday. I never had a chance to eat at the restaurant.

      2. Price counts, but more than that, value/quality for the dollar counts. I'm noticing a *lot* more lately that places are both raising their prices *and* cutting out things that have been included in the price of an entree. Side salads, soups, etc. all seem to be nickled and dimed these days, and when I do pony up for them, often they're not worth the upcharge.

        One or the other might be okay (raising prices *or* making everything a la carte), but both? Um, that's quite gutsy.

        1. I dine out a good amount, particulary in that area. But I never did try Pampas. From the start I heard negative things (overcooked meat, few seafood choices, too much food, high prices) I never got the urge to go.

          By the way, I just read that Crush, as well as Fox & Hound, are closing too.

          And in other Metro Detroit restaurant news...Tribute's chef is leaving to run the two new Michael Mina restaurants at MGM Grand Detroit. No new chef selected yet.

          1. I just found out about the restaurant today as it was featured on the website, which I also for the first time visited today. Did the Press say why it closed? Was it because they had no advertisement? I live in Ferndale, and never heard about it.

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            1. re: Fattty

              No reason was given, it was actually mentioned in an article about another churrascaria restaurant opening--here's the quote:

              "Workers are renovating the recently closed Bonfire Bistro in Northville at 7 Mile and Haggerty for a new churrascaria called Gauchos Brazilian Steak House. No opening date has been announced.

              Churrascarias feature rotisserie-cooked meats served tableside from their skewers.

              The area's first churrascaria, Pampas Brazilian Grille in Birmingham, closed this summer after 2 1/2 years"