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Jul 22, 2007 03:08 AM

Cinnamon Buns in Edmonton Area

I set out a while ago to find the best Cinnamon buns in Edmonton... this came after a strange and intense craving for cinnamon.

I even drove out to Sherwood Park to some bakery on Wye Road... but I am still searching.

Ultimately, I am seeking the bun of the yeast risen variety with strong and flavorful cinnamon. Not too sweet and no extra toppings needed.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I am not sure that I would necessarily vouch for the as the "best" but when I occasionally have a similar craving I head to one of the Cobb's Bakery outlets and pick up a dozen or so of their cinnamon buns without icing.

    1. Many people swear by the cinnamon buns at the Highlevel Diner, which are not too sweet, and quite cakey. These are also available at Sugar Bowl 4 doors down. The CAB cafeteria cinnamon buns at the UofA have been a classic for decades as well,and are well worth trying. Having graduated quite a while ago, im not sure where you can get these still - but im sure they are available *somewhere* on campus. All of them focus more on cinnamon and texture, and not on icing and sugar.

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        How did the fact that the Highlevel Diner had good cinnamon buns get past me? Well, I will definitely check this out!

      2. High Level Diner's are a must, I agree. Nothing quite like a warm one eaten fresh with sweet butter. They are indeed "cakey" and reminiscient of a brioche or challah dough, only more dense. Great cinnamon flavour too, without any goopy icing to distract you.

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          Okay, you description does sound like a cinnamon bun I had years ago, baked by a baker now far, far away... and I have been disappointed with my cinnamon bun experience ever since! Hopefully these will do the trick.

        2. I haven't tried their buns (just the apple cinnamon bread and the Dutch sugar bread), but the Cinnamon Girl stand at the St. Albert Farmer's Market does a brisk business. I think they have a stand at the Downtown Edmonton market as well.

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            I will get a friend who resides in St. Albert on this right away... hopefully that market will still be happening!

            1. re: Brainy Beefcake

              I believe the market in St. Albert runs until sometime in October, and then moves indoors with a smaller amount of vendors.

          2. Wild Earth Bakery on 99th st. The cinnamon buns are HUGE and extremely sticky, which means they really need to be eaten on the spot with a knife and fork. Taking them to go in a paper bag doesn't really work out. But they're absolutely awesome!