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Jul 22, 2007 02:30 AM

Dairies in or near S. Jersey?

Does anyone know of a dairy where genuine buttermilk, and other dairy products can be purchased? Years ago there used to be the "Cowtail Bar" near Cherry Hill, which has long been closed.....but I sure do miss that place!! Have been searching for a place like it without success!

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  1. Boy...Cowtail Bar...that brings back memories...served pretzels with the ice cream. It was great. I think there's a Wawa there now.

    The closest thing I know is Richman's Ice Cream in Woodstown. Rt 40, about 7 or 8 miles east of the Del Mem Bridge. The dairy isn't opearational antmore and I heard the restaurant may be closing soon. You can eat in for dinner and ice cream or get ice cream from a take out window...walk-up, not drive thru.

    1. You might want to try googling dairies in nj, or getting in touch with the nj dept of agriculture. I'm sure they would have this information. There used to be a place in Burlington County that is exactly what you are looking for; I think they closed a few years ago (Mt. Holly area).
      Over on the PA forum, they were talking about a great place in the Telford area that is a dairy and sells fresh milk, milk products, butter, cheese, etc that come from this farm. Telford is a pretty good ride away from S. Jersey, however. Might want to also check the chamber of commerce for some of the counties you are interested in. They might have this kind of info.

      1. The Cowtail that really brings back some fond memories. Left NJ in 1975 and haven't returned since but remember this place named its ice creams after bar drinks...scotch was butterscotch, etc. Sorry to hear this place closed. Was thinking about going back to visit NJ one day and this was a place I'd like to revisit. And, it served the best ice cream I've tasted, ever!!!!

        1. Before it was Cow Tail wasn't it Green Valley farms? I remember going to a place Haddon twnsp. in Westmont or Audubon after dates that had great sundaes.

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            is Halo Farm in Trenton too far?

            Halo Farm
            970 Spruce St, Trenton, NJ

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              nope. Green Valley was elsewhere in the area. the Cowtail Bar was part of Holly Ravine farm, owned by former Mayor Gilmour. The farm also supplied the milk cartons to the township elementary schools. An old aerial photo, probably around 10' x 10', of the farm and Bar is on the wall at the TD Bank branch located on Haddonfield-Berlin Road near the intersection of Browning Lane in the Woodcrest section of Cherry Hill. When you enter the lobby it's in the room to your left, and it's viewable from outside when the bank is closed. the farm is now just a fraction of its former self, with the intersection at Springdale and Evesham now holding the Holly Ravine Shopping Center, anchored by a Wawa and CVS.

            2. Hi! I am a journalism student doing a story on local landmarks of the past. One of the places I am using for my story is the Holly Ravine Farm and the Cowtail Bar. If anyone on here could share their memories of it, descriptions of it (it closed before my time), what you think made it special, it would really help me out. Thanks!

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                the cowtail bar comes up frequently on the discussion boards at for cherry hill h.s. east. the school is 'around the corner' from the former dairy bar/farm. so if you're able to get into you may find memories there.