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Jul 22, 2007 02:14 AM

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup & Cold Noodle Soup

I was told by a Korean friend while visiting Seoul that you are supposed to eat Ginseng Chicken soup in the summer, and Cold Noodle Soup in winter for health reason. Where is your favorite places for these two delicious dishes?

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  1. On Crenshaw, south of Olympic on the East side of the street, behind the Century Club Spa, in a strip mall is a restaurant called ALL FAMILY. They have delicious Ginsneg Chicken Soup! Whenever I have a cold, I head there as my first line of defense! They are known for their handmade noodles. The noodles in the soup are hand-cut, each a slightly different size. Also, you must try their kimchi or beef & kimchi dumplings. In addition to ordering them off the menu, people by them frozen by-the-dozen to take home!

    1. The best place I know for the Korean Ginseng Chicken soup is in K-town on 8th and Berendo St.. The place is called the Mountain, ( Their only sign is a single black chinese symbol (kinda looks like "/\") on a white background,

      Very hole in the wall with only about 5 tables. They also have really good abalone rice porridge soup.


      1. Thanks for the rec's. With my GPS, I'm sure I can find these hole in the wall gems. I love dumplings, too, but if I order the non-kimchi dumplings, are they essentially the same as Chinese dumplings?