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Indian Food Recommendation

A long-time LA resident, I still haven't found a place I love for Indian food? Any recs?

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  1. where are you located?
    what kind of indian food are you seeking? vegetarian indian food? meat/tandoori dishes?

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      I prefer vegetarian, but mostly want something authentic. Went to Tantra in Silverlake last night and the "fusion" was disappointing.

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        Forgot this in my last post, but I am located in the Hancock Park area.

      2. i've had several local favorites - but find they're not consistent enough.

        east india grill, mumtaz (mid la) & amabla dahba (wla) are all good sometimes.

        the most consistently good place i've found is akbar. there are locations in the marina, sm, south bay and maybe somewhere else. i don't really care for the south bay location but wla and sm are really great.

        bombay cafe on pico & bundy is tasty - but overpriced in my opinion.

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          I have mixed feelings re the SM Akbar location. They use some kind of weird cheese in the saag paneer, and the meat in the chicken tikka masala can be a little dry. I do like the lamb dishes, esp. the vindaloo the one time I tried it, and I dig the fresh veggies that come with your meal. For saag paneer, I much prefer Nawab down Wilshire. And for chicken tikka masala, I like All India Cafe. Still haven't tried Amabla Dhaba.

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            Anybody have thoughts on Nizam in WLA? Honestly, I recently moved back to LA from NYC and truly, I am a loss for that excitement from the hole in the walls to the upscale Indian dining in NYC. I miss Chola, Devi and Tamarind, even Tabla, for upscale in NYC. I am going to head to Tanzore soon. It seems the Indian cuisine in LA is pretty much cookie cutter, same dishes, and not much difference. Doesn't always have to be so called upscale. I do like Bombay Cafe upon occasion, just because the offerings are a bit different.

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              I thought Nizam was pretty ordinary. Have you tried Chakra in Beverly Hills, (they have another location in Orange County as well)?


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                No, but on a short list, thank you for reminding me! Also, somewhere in my house is a menu for Electric Karma? Not in my 'hood, but obviously someone went there for a meal, didn't get a report. Also tried Halal Indian on Vermont? This was for take out, but I had some dissapointment for a few dishes.

            2. If you want some good, and more authentic Indian food, I would make the trek to Artesia, and try some of the places on Pioneer Blvd. The emphasis is mostly south Indian cooking (lots and lots of places that sell dosas) but I have eaten at several places down there, and have always had a good experience.

              What makes it unique is that many places have some very unusual dishes. I've had a lot of Indian food in Socal, and everyone makes the same things, samosas, tandoori, etc., but there's a lot of things that I've never seen anywhere else. Most of the flavors haven't been watered down for American tastes.

              My favorite place in Artesia is Udupi Palace, which is specifically a vegetarian restaurant, but worth going to even if you're a meat eater.

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                  try the india restaurant for North indian ( i.e. tandoor)

              1. Hi,

                Not too far from you is India Tandoori located on a strip mall on Pico, about a block West of Fairfax. It's OK, not great, but satisfy my ordinary cravings. Not very expensive either.
                Also I seem to recall a recent thread about someone who had found a great Indian place near USC.

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                  India Tandoori moved to Wilshire Blvd. near Hauser. I tried it for lunch, I give it a resounding meh.

                2. just had a great wine dinner at INDIA'S OVEN, brentwood, wilshire at barry. really good.

                  1. I love Jaipur, off of Pico and Westwood, near the Westside Pavilion. Prices are decent and the service is excellent. They make you feel like you are dining at a fancy restaurant with the white tablecloths but it really isn't that expensive.

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                      I haven't been to Jaipur in years, but I remember liking it quite a bit, though admittedly I am not an Indian food expert by any stretch.

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                        I went once only to Jaipur long ago, and found it to be bland, and I don't want killer heat...and thinking I could try it again as it is so very close. Could have been what we ordered. The environment and service was nice enough. It just didn't stand out to me. It seems they all are the same in menu and just about everything else. And yes, I have been to "Little India" in Artesia, and did have a great meal at a restaurant, don't recall the name, very nice place, Just not going to drive there for a meal, but did enjoy a day of shopping. I was starving for Indian food! I love the spices'/flavors/layers of India/Pakistan cuisine, I am not a vegetarian but that is OK, can do a meal of it. I would love a place to wow me!

                    2. We like to get delivery from Anarkali- on Melrose just east of La Brea.


                      1. 2 recommendations:
                        - achoka the great: in artesia, just overall good, solid indian food.
                        - al noor: in lawndale (just off the 405 though -- so pretty accessible), hole in the wall. it's actually pakistani food, but it's very close to indian, and very delicious. more, and a picture, here:

                        1. If you ever make it over to the Pasadena area, I recommend New Delhi Palace:

                          950 E. Colorado Blvd. #205
                          Pasadena CA 91106

                          It's on the second level of a fairly unglamourous strip mall but my god is it fantastic. My favorites are the Bharta and the Palak Paneer. The staff are super nice and the service is great even when busy. And when they ask mild, medium, or spicy...they mean it. The spicy is crazy and not dulled down at all...perfect!

                          Also in the Pasadena area (sorry I live here) if you're into spending a bit more money is Radhikas:

                          140 Shoppers Lane
                          Pasadena, CA 91101

                          Worth the money because the food is out of this world. I think I know what I'm picking up for dinner now...

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                            I second the New Delhi Palace food rec, but the service I had on a recent visit was horrible. Though slightly anglo-fied, the Pasadena Akbar never disappoints...the Chicken Tikka Masala, Aloo Gobhi, Rice Biryani...washed down with whatever the wife and I bring in and pay corkage for...yum (their wine list is small, good, but over-piced)!

                          2. If you ever make it Irvine, try India Cook House, very good fresh food for vegetarian as well as meat eaters. Never had a bad experience.

                            1. For standard "tikka masala" fare Indian food, I really enjoy Gate of India on Sunset, near the Guitar Center. It's very tasty and reliable. Nothing distinctive in terms of regions or such, but it's my favorite place in my neighbor hood. On the same vein, I like to get lunch specials over at Agra in Silverlake, Sunset and Fountain. Again, no thali or dosas or cool stuff, just your predicable dishes served quite well.