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Jul 21, 2007 09:03 PM

Challenge: Most elegant restaurant in Toronto

Suppose you are taking your gf's parents out to dinner to ask them for their daughter's hand in marriage. So you want a nice, elegant place to impress (let's say they are fairly well off, and pretty difficult to impress). Good, fairly quiet atmosphere, good food (let's say they are half-foodies, probably been to 80% of the bigger name restaurants in GTA, but not big on wine). You also don't want anything too flashy either; that will be overdoing it.

So again, nice, quiet (relatively), elegant place, not too flashy, good food
But wine, cuisine, price and location don't matter at all (as long as within GTA).
Oh, and we don't have to go on a weekend, so that should help on the quiet part.

Where would you go?
How is Opus?
Any other suggestions?

Thanks so much guys! (obviously this is more than just a challenge)

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  1. maybe Rosewater, given your requirement.

    1. How about booking one of the small private room/booth at Sushi Kaji. With the curtain drawn, should be pretty private, cozy and fairly quiet. Guarantee good food!!

      1. I was surprised to see Opus in your post, because as soon as I read it, I thought "Opus".
        For this one, with these folks, I wouldn't think you would want to go big name, high profile but more quiet elegance, which Opus is. Since they aren't big drinkers, Lai Wah Heen maybe. Or go entirely old school with Scarmouche.

        good luck!

        eta: one more thought, what about Biagio - on a mild evening, the outdoor patio is really lovely, and the service there is very old school -- not too crazy, but solid tasty food in an subdued setting

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        1. re: orangewasabi

          I love Opus but I would not necessarily consider it to have the intimate atmosphere you are looking for. Rosewater is a good suggestion although its food is not up to Opus. Scaramouche can be quite busy. I would consider Splendidio - great food, great service and a fitting atmosphere.

          1. re: orangewasabi


            So let me confirm what you mean - so Opus is a bad idea?
            Do you have any other suggestions? I think Biagio might be too informal. Her parents are more the old school / formal type, so Biagio is maybe too intimate.

            1. re: PeteM

              no, I think Opus is a GOOD idea.

              and if they are realllly old school, what about Truffles. That room is quite elegant in a very traditional way.

              are you in the area that you could stop by and see if the C5 at the ROM would work?

          2. Thanks for the ideas guys!

            So Opus is absolutely no no? Even on a week night?

            I want to stay away from Biagio because I know her parents expect a more formal (and elegant) setting, as opposed to lovely and intimate. They're pretty old school.

            As for Scaramouche and Splendido, I also think it's too modern / hip for them.
            What do you guys think?


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              1. re: PeteM

                I would also probably be considered "old school" (certainly "old" fits) but I would not consider Splendido too "hip". Mother will be very impressed when they bring out the wee bench for her purse (as will father if he has one).

              2. Any chance you might want a nice day/afternoon trip out of town? If so, I would highly suggest Treadwell in St Catharine's / Port Dalhousie - it's amazing, unpretentious, very elegant, and absolutely delicious (& beautiful - right on the water).