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Jul 21, 2007 08:23 PM

Need late-night dinner with drinks tonight!

My friend is coming into town tonight, around midnight from California. I need to find a chill place with good food for a light, late, dinner with a good bartender that knows how to make a proper martini. Would be helpful if it was around Union Square. Any suggestions?

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  1. If you can bother heading a bit west, I recommend Vento on Hudson in Meatpacking. They serve until 1. Pastis serves even later.

    1. Employees Only-kitchen open until 3 and martinis awesome (as are the other cocktails)

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        Wow. Sounds terrific, will definitely try it out. Thank you!

        1. re: ny.frenchfry

          I would try Yokocho on east 9, and then move to angel’s share for perfect drinks.