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South Legend in Milpitas

About a year ago to the day the South Bay Vietnamese group had a break from out normal fare and do a Szechuan lunch. Seven hounds enjoy good food and company/

Here are the dishes we ordered.

1. Shredded Duck with Chinese Celery

2. Pork Belly with Sesame Sacue

3. Hot and Sour Soup

4. Cumin Lamb

5. Szechuan Fish with Chili Pods.

6. Dry Braised Eggplant with Fish Sauce

7. Couple Beef

8. Cold Pork Kidney

9. Cold Chicken Feet

I will post my take on the meal after someone else post the pictures and allow the others to express their opinions first.

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  1. Photos for:
    1. Shredded Duck with Chinese Celery
    2. Pork Belly with Sesame Sacue
    3. Hot and Sour Soup
    4. Cumin Lamb

    1. Photos for:
      5. Szechuan Fish with Chili Pods.
      6. Dry Braised Eggplant with Fish Sauce
      7. Couple Beef
      8. Cold Pork Kidney

      1. Photo for:
        9. Cold Chicken Feet

        1. OK, now that I've posted photos, my thoughts on the lunch, which was delicious. I most liked the varying heat and spice flavor of each dish, but certain ones kept my attention.

          Cold Pork Kidney
          - easily my favorite, and a new experience. Served cold. Enjoyed the texture and density of the kidney slices.

          Pork Belly with Sesame Sauce
          - well-balanced. Hard to dislike.

          Dry Braised Eggplant with Fish Sauce
          - complex and rich

          Cumin Lamb
          - surprising flavor for a Chinese dish (for me)

          Couple Beef
          - always happy to eat things soaking in chili oil

          Szechuan Fish with Chili Pods
          - beautifully presented and would eat again.

          Shredded Duck with Chinese Celery
          - can't recall distinctly but enjoyed

          Cold Chicken Feet
          - great flavor but the payoff doesn't merit the work required to ingest (for me)

          I would happily return to this restaurant.

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          1. re: David Wishart

            All the dishes were prepared in a quick manner and came out too close together and a better spacing would have been much better.

            As for the dishes I like the Shredded Duck the best, I made an effort to make sure I was able to get pieces of duck along with the vegetables for a mouthful where all the ingredients combine for a very interesting flavor.

            I also so Cumin Lamb, Pork Belly and the Eggplant dishes the best and would order again.

            But I was not able to feel the heat and burn of food of this region. I need to find a place where I turn red and sweat pour off my head and I need to down a full bowl of white rice to put the fire.

            South Legend is a quick fix in our search for the flame and heat of Szechuan food.

            1. re: yimster

              Yimster, to feel the heat, maybe you need to order the "boiled" fish/pork/beef which surely had the Szechuan peppercorns if it is done right.

              1. re: Han

                A plus at South Legend is the number of peppers on the side of each dish on the menu. From the feeling at the table I was petty sure that I could not go for 3 pepper dishes. Which why I did not order for the real heat of Szechuan cooking..

              2. re: yimster

                Ah, so it wasn't just me. I'm in the Milpitas - Fremont area a lot the next 2 weeks so I finally tried it out yesterday. Ma pa tofu had no ma and no la. Neither was there any particularly interesting taste or high-quality tofu to make up for the absence of spice, aside from the presence of some black beans. A bit of complaining brought out a ma la chili sauce that added some heat - after an initial offer of ice water to accompany a dish with no heat which indicated just how much they had stereotyped me. Of course this type of add-it-yourself doctoring is no substitute for cooking something properly in the first place. Maybe this is a place where you only get heat on your first visit if you look the part.


              3. re: David Wishart

                Thanks to you both for the update on South Legend. Anyone else have an opinion???

              4. Thanks for the report and photos. Sorry I couldn't make it to this one as I enjoyed our lunch there last year.

                Link to lunch report exactly one year ago to today's date:

                South Legend
                1720 N Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas, CA 95035

                1. I think I had the kidney. It had a greenish sauce which has slight nuance of garlic and maybe leek - not sure. The kidney itself was very good without any gaminess at all. This is an outstanding dish IMO.