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Jul 21, 2007 06:54 PM

Hoagies in Wilmington

Any ideas for a good cheesesteak, hoagie and pizza place in the Wimington, Del area?

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  1. For a real Wilmington treat, try Cappriotti's. They have good cheese steaks - but their specialty is a few unusual subs: Turkey, stuffing and cranberry (the Bobby); A Slaw-be-joe is like a roast beef special sub with cole slaw and russian dressing and my favorite is a turkey version called a Cole Turkey.

    1. We call hoagies subs in Delaware, and Wilmington has two rival sub shops - Capriotti's and Casapulla's. There are a number of each in the area, you are sure to be near one or the other. Caution - wars have started over which shop sells better subs or cheese steaks! I like both. The original Capriotti's (as far as I know) is at 5th and Union in Little Italy and the original Casapulla's is in Elsmere, a mile or 2 down the road. But the other locations are just as good.

      As for pizza, IMHO there is none better than Grotto. Another great Delaware institution. Also with lots of locations.

      1. The sub discussion is always an argument between Casapulla's and Capriotti's, so you can try both and see which you prefer. As to pizza, I have weighed in before on the tragic lack of decent pies in Delaware (I find Grotto's just awful, no better than any other chain). There is a good discussion of local pizza options on this thread:

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          For hoagies I've only tried Capriotti's, which were excellent. I'll have to try Casapulla's and make the comparison.
          I think Seasons Pizza has decent cheesesteaks. My husband loves their cheeseburger hoagie
          Dom's NY Style Pizza in Newport, on Rte 4, has pretty decent pizza. Out of the 10+ places we've tried, it's the only one we keep going back to.

        2. I think that Paris Pizza at Marsh & Silverside is pretty decent. (Far better than Grotto.) Cheap, too.

          1. Thanks for all your suggestions-they are appreciated.