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Jul 21, 2007 06:41 PM

Horchata in Phoenix

I finally got around to trying the horchata at Phoenix Ranch Market today. I really liked it. However, I've got no frame of reference, as it's the only horchata I've ever had. How does it compare to the horchata at other places and which places have really good horchata?

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  1. I've only had horchata in 6 or 7 places around town but the horchata at Ranch Market is the best I have found. There are different styles (more or less cinnamon/ thicker vs. thinner) and everyone has their own preferences, but Ranch Market makes it the way that I like it. One key thing for me is that they serve it with plenty of ice. I like my horchata quite cold. Tradiciones, the restaurant attached to Ranch Market uses the same horchata, I assume, but they don't put nearly as much ice in it and I don't like it as much.

    1. I always enjoyed the horchata at Guedos in Chandler, but I haven't been there in at least 7 years.

      I've tried so many, but they are all so forgettable. One thing to always remember: never get the horchata if it's in one of those fountain style machines that I've seen at some of the Circle K's. This includes any of the 'Betos places around town...unless of course, you're drunk and it's 2am.