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Jul 21, 2007 06:19 PM

Where to find interesting kosher meat in the GTA (moved from Ont)

I was wondering where I could find interesting kosher meat. I live at Yonge and Sheppard and have a car so am willing to drive somewhere to find something other than chicken, hamburger meat, and turkey breasts. Looking for lamb, merguez sausage, turkey bacon, nice thick veal chops or veal scallopini, and other kosher game (venison, bison...). Thanks.

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  1. You can find veal selections, including chops and scallopini, COR (KASHRUTH COUNCIL OF CANADA) Council Kosher at a number of places close to you. Perl's is great for diverse cuts of kosher meats--check out Definately ask the butchers where you may be able to find interesting things...they could probably point you in the right direction.

    Chai Products can be found at No Frills,Bathurst/Wilson...they have a decent selection, Wednesday/Thursday are the best days to shop, prior to the Friday afternoon, there is not a lot to choose from. Costco, Wilson/Dufferin also carries lots of Kosher meat products; I've seen short ribs, veal shanks, lamb loin...they alsohave frozen duck and turkeys.

    Here is COR's list that includes all locations for kosher meat and where you can find an array of products.

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      1. Hartman's on Bathurst between Finch and Steeles has a good selection, though I don't know whether they have specific items you are seeking.

        Another possible source is the Sobey's supermarket on Clark in Thornhill.

        1. I see this thread has been dormant for a while, but I just saw it.

          Sobey's on Clark often has merguez sausage as well as boerwors (a very nice South African sausage that is unbelievably exquisite with fried or grilled eggplant) - both are frozen.

          You will also find the widest variety of cold cuts there.

          I do not know where you could get game but PLEASE tell me if you find any.

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              Sobey's on Clarke Av. and Hilda Ave. in Thornhill has probably the largest selection of Kosher products in Canada. Their meat Department is usually well-stocked with kosher meats of every variety. It has a vast array of prepared (cooked)meats, poultry, deli, salads, etc. The kosher bakery is equally well stocked with all kinds of breads, cakes, cookies, etc. This supermarket has the answer too all your kosher food needs.

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