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Jul 21, 2007 06:17 PM

Fage Total w/ Honey - anyone else addicted?

Ok, it's a good thing I have to make a special trip to a specialty market or I'd be buying this stuff everyday. I don't care that it is full of fat, it's just so darn good! I've tried to recreate it at home by straining low-fat plain yogurt and adding honey but it just isn't as good. I think the honey they use is thicker.

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  1. Fage 0% with honey addict here. I can't stop. Some times I vary it by adding chopped valrhona chocolate, coconut, strawberry granola, etc. But just the yoghurt with the honey is always the fallback and favorite. Have you tried the 0? I think it's just as good as the total, but I could probably put Fage on anything and love it! Even at $4.50 a carton.

    1. I went through the "looking for alternatives" phase. You have to try a lot of different yogurts and a lot of different honeys. The closest I got to the Fage experience was straining Pavel's Low Fat yogurt (a California brand) and using Zergut wildflower honey (from Bulgaria). Middle Eastern groceries often have less expensive Greek-style yogurts that are very good (but usually not low fat) -- Byblos and Karoun are a couple of brands on the West Coast.

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        Ruth Lafler -- I completely agree! Zergut wildflower or acacia is as close to the Fage honey as I could get -- and I tried as many as my storage shelves would tolerate! Having found the Zergut acacia, I am over my search now.

        femmenikita -- I, too, believe that the 0% Fage is delicious, and for my tastes, even better than the 2% or the whole fat which I find just too rich...especially if one adds in fruit, nuts, chocolate or honey.

      2. Short of making it fresh from your own cow, I can't think of a better yogurt. And the amazing thing is that the 0% tastes richer than most full fat yogurts. I buy it in the larger tubs and add local sourwood honey and chopped walnuts. It's also great with sliced berries or bananas. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon snack.

        1. It is a different kind of honey, definitely, as far as flavor goes. It might be thicker because it is refrigerated.

          I personally only eat total fat dairy (cream top yogurts- Brown Cow or TJ brand; cream top organic milk and nothing low or non fat) I get fuller faster and therefore eat less.

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          1. re: Cathy

            Cathy -- "...because it is refrigerated." This is SO obvious, but I never thought about it. You are right! The Fage honey consistency is difficult to duplicate, exactly! Now I will try refrigerating the Zergut acacia honey to see if I can approach the Fage honey. Thanks!

            1. re: liu

              I think the refrigeration has something to do with it, for sure, but I have Greek honey that I keep in my pantry cupboard (not chilled) and it's much thicker than typical honey. Greeks are crazy about their honey. I used to eat the Fage with honey for breakfast when I lived in Rhodes and I went through withdrawal until I saw it in groceries here.

              1. re: Sophia.

                Agree with Sophia. I now buy the plain Fage yogurt in the large tubs, and spoon out some of my own Greek thyme honey (Orino brand) from a large tin I bought at a local Greek market (Arlington, MA). Greek thyme honey, like Greek yogurt, is much thicker than its American counterparts.

                1. re: LindaWhit

                  Lumping all honey produced in America together is kind of silly. Honey is incredibly variable, and if you source and select an American produced honey with as much care as you did your Greek thyme honey, you'd discover a huge range of flavors and textures.

                  1. re: Ruth Lafler

                    Ruth, my bad. *Most* American honey I've had is a lot thinner than the Greek thyme honey. And yes, I'm aware of the varying flavors and textures of some American honey. I was simply comparing the honey that comes with the Fage Greek yogurt with the Greek honey that can be bought separately.

          2. I am a new convert to Fage also. I think the fat-free is just about the richest, creamiest yogurt I've ever tasted. I try to limit dairy fat so this has been a god-send for me. My husband is laughing at my "addiction" because I'm just so crazy about it.