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Jul 21, 2007 05:19 PM

Sweetbreads in Annapolis?

Hubby has a hankering for sweetbreads. Does anyone know of someplace in Annapolis that serves them? Are they any good?

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  1. I thought perhaps Les Folies or Northwoods, but I just checked their menu and there are no sweetbreads. My fiance said they serve them in one of the restaurants at the Harbourplace hotel in Baltimore, but that's the closest he can think of for sweetbreads.

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      Thanks, I thought of Les Folies too. Maybe Cafe Bretton in SP? Or is that too unique for a menu like that ?

      1. re: nosey

        Not sure as I have never been. If you're ever in New Orleans, go to Clancy's and order the sweetbreads. I'm a vegetarian, but my best friend -- who is a major foodie -- says they are the best!

    2. Not in Annapolis, but Blue Duck Tavern in DC has an incredible Veal with Sweet Breads entree, might be worth the drive even.

      1. Also in Baltimore, Zorba's in "Greektown" on Eastern Avenue does a nice job with them, though I'm not sure if they are a menu item or a "when they have them" special.

        Another possibility would be to contact any of the restaurants mentioned that you find to be good on other stuff, and see if you can make a reservation and order them in advance. Many restaurants are willing to do special orders if they know you are serious (for example the "Peking Duck with 24 hours notice" at many Chinese places), and I would imagine that the chefs in a French-styled restaurant should have the background to know what to do with sweetbreads. Heck, the chef might even enjoy the change of pace, so you may get them prepared with more care than you otherwise might. Of course, I suppose the flip side might also be true, and the special order might be seen as a pain in the nether regions, but my suspicion is that even if that were the case, professional pride would kick in. I don't think anybody would want to knowingly screw up a special order, and look incompetent by doing so.

        1. Petit Louis in Baltimore does a good job with sweetbreads. They are only offered on Sunday nights.