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Jul 21, 2007 05:14 PM

Good eats near airport?

Hi all-

We will be in New Orleans pre/post cruise in mid-August and wanted to hit a good place near the airport for lunch before we fly home. Any recommendations would be great...

We will have about 6 hours and a car the last day, so anything between the cruise terminal and the airport are fair game.

If you want to throw in recommendations that are within walking distance of Canal and Bourbon where we are staying pre-cruise, that would be great too. (No car for our pre-cruise stay)

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  1. See my post of 7-09 regarding soul food in kenner. The restaurant is very close to the airport. Closed Sundays, tho.

    1. When you are downtown, go one block into the French Quarter, the street will be Iberville and go left one block to the corner of Iberville and Dauphine. The restaurant is Deanie's Seafood. Get the half seafood platter for two people, it's huge! Shrimp, Soft Shell Crab, oysters, catfish and dressing balls. I'm a native and it's where we eat.
      Other choice is to go one block left (towards the river) that will be Royal. Cross Canal Street and Royal Street will become St. Charles Avenue. Go to Poydras Street (about 3 or four blocks, it's the first big intersection). Cross Poydras and go left. In the Whitney Wyndham Hotel is a restaurant called Li'l Dizzy's. Try the Shrimp Grillades! And the Trout Baquet. Owned by a guy named Kevin Belton (6'9" and 400lbs. with the greats sense of humor). All the food is wonderful! Only open for breakfast & lunch. Brunch only on Sunday. If you are looking for something in particular let me know.

      1. On Canal and one block from Bourbon is the Palace Cafe. It's a Brennan property and they can handle large groups. Make a reservation.

        1. Remoulade in the Quarter is also nice. Very casual, good prices, and the bathrooms are sparkling clean.

          1. Post cruise lunch: with 6 hours and a car, you basically can go anywhere in the city. The airport is only about 25 minutes from downtown (given decent traffic). What sort of place are you looking for? And what day will this be?

            Downscale, I'd stop at Crabby Jack's for a po boy, midscale I'd go to Mandina's or Drago's, and a little more upscale, try Cafe Degas or Luke. Cafe Degas does not have lunch Thursday or Friday.

            Precruise, nearly anyplace in the Quarter or CBD would be walkable, can you be more specific about the type of meal you would like? K-Paul's would definitely be a New Orleans experience.

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            1. re: JGrey

              Thanks for all the suggestions so far. Ours days in port will be a Sat/Sun, and we will be flying out the following Sat.

              We are pretty adventurous when it comes to eating, although a few specifics we would like to hit are local seafood specialties (fried, steamed, raw, sauteed, swimming in sauce, etc...) and anything unique to the area. We'd also like to do more casual and hole-in-the-wall places with great jambalaya, red beans and rice and a good local brew.

              On the day of departure, anything goes. A nice sit-down lunch and then something to-go...I have heard there is a large Vietnamese population in/around the area. Any good Bahn Mi sandwiches to be had? Or good bakeries? Maybe we can be the envy of our flight when we breakout some local goodness while they eat thier paltry pretzles ;-)

              1. re: mle1111

                You mentioned a good local brew and I recommend Abita Beer. Comes in several varieties and is brewed about 30 miles from New Orleans. Can't get more local than that since Jax quit brewing. Although it may be recommended to you, stay away from Ralph and Kacoos. It's local but in decline.
                I think the vietnamese food is on the West Bank. Might involve a cab ride.
                To carry on the flight: Muffaletta's from Central Grocery would be my pick. Everyone on the flight will smell them and want you to share.

                1. re: marchperson

                  Actually, the best Vietnamese food is out in NO East--the Vietnamese colony has recovered admist the utter devastation, which makes sense--after surviving several decades of war back in the old country, Katrina was an inconvenience. The Dong Phuong bakery or the Kim Ahn restaurant, amongst others. Directions: go out Chef Menteur Hwy, to about the 14000 block. You can't miss it--a collection of Vietnamese stores, restaurants, bakeries, etc.

                  1. re: underworld gourmet

                    You may be right, but the West Bank has many really good Vietnamese restaurants as well.
                    If mle1111 is near the ferry landing take a ride across the river, it is free, and there is a bar with reasonably good gumbo and red beans, plus a great view of the city, just on the other side.

                    1. re: Tonto

                      You can get a damn good bahn mi on the westbank at Pho Tau Bay for $3.25--$5.00. Easily accessible by car.

                      Pho Tau Bay Restaurant
                      113 Westbank Expy, Gretna, LA 70053

                  2. re: marchperson

                    Ralph & Kacoo's was NEVER local. The original location was around False River/New Roads, it expanded to BR. Shortly thereafter, it was purchased by the Piccadilly Cafeteria chain, which still owns the brand. It's on par with other multi-outlet, midpriced chain restaurants serving other words, I wouldn't eat it if it were free.