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Lunch at Morimoto w/10 month old

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Would this be appropriate? She is generally well behaved in restaurants and we are visiting and would like to try Morimoto's.


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  1. Lunch during the week or on a weekend? During the week, it's a business destination and you might feel a little out of place with a baby. I don't see a problem on the weekends.

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      We took our little one to Morimoto twice when he was nine or ten on a Friday night for dinner. He is well behaved and did fine. Generally, kids, assuming they are well behaved, are well received at all Starr Restaurants, or so we've found.

    2. We took our well behaved daughter when she was 7 months and we had no issues.

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        Jeez...I thought you said a ten *year* old, not a ten month old. As much as I am all for taking little ones to fancy places, I would not have attempted such a thing. I would say if you must do it, take them for lunch and bring a binky or two.

      2. Lunch should be fine but I wouldn't take a baby to dinner at Morimoto. Stick to the weekend.

        1. Continental West and Jones are two other Starr restaurants that are much more amenable to children. Morimoto is really a high-end, special occasion, impress a client kind of place. Thank you.

          1. We've actually taken our son (now 2) everywhere with us since he was young, including all the Starr restaurants. Maybe that's why he is so great at restaurants since it was from early that he was exposed. I do feel that if restaurants have highchairs (& changing tables-it is not required!) they welcome kids! Also, I recall our waiter at Barclay Prime telling us how he loves the kids. Tre Scalini is another where I recently went & was proudly welcomed with my toddler & infant.

            I'm sorry for those of you who do not like infants dining along. I must say that a majority of our nice meals have people coming over to our table to coo at our infant- guess you're not one of them!

            1. Folks, if you have been to Morimoto and can comment on whether a 10 month old would be well-received there, please add your comments on this thread. The topic of whether or not parents should being children to restaurants at all is off topic for our site, so please find another venue to vent your feelings on that topic.

              1. I have been to Morimoto a number of times for business luncheons during the week and have often seen parents and infants during this time. It's totally fine - even from the perspective of someone who doesn't have children.