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Jul 21, 2007 04:59 PM

Lunch at Morimoto w/10 month old

Would this be appropriate? She is generally well behaved in restaurants and we are visiting and would like to try Morimoto's.


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  1. Lunch during the week or on a weekend? During the week, it's a business destination and you might feel a little out of place with a baby. I don't see a problem on the weekends.

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      We took our little one to Morimoto twice when he was nine or ten on a Friday night for dinner. He is well behaved and did fine. Generally, kids, assuming they are well behaved, are well received at all Starr Restaurants, or so we've found.

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      1. We took our well behaved daughter when she was 7 months and we had no issues.

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          Jeez...I thought you said a ten *year* old, not a ten month old. As much as I am all for taking little ones to fancy places, I would not have attempted such a thing. I would say if you must do it, take them for lunch and bring a binky or two.

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          1. Lunch should be fine but I wouldn't take a baby to dinner at Morimoto. Stick to the weekend.