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Jul 21, 2007 03:11 PM

Bronx Zoo Eats

I will be at the Bronx Zoo next week - any suggestions for lunch? I noticed on another thread that there is good food to be had on Arthur Avenue but the location was iffey...

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  1. Arthur Avenue and City Island are probably the only places to go up there. I don't know the Bronx that well so take my advice with a grain of salt. There are probably some other individual places, but nobody else responded.

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      I am a grad student at Fordham, and I can pretty much say that zacfi is right. There might be some good places here and there that I'm unaware of, but your best bet really is Arthur Avenue. I've been really disappointed by the rest of the surrounding area.

    2. If you're going to be at the zoo all day, leaving to go to Arthur Ave. for lunch and then returning to the zoo may be more aggravation than it's worth. Perhaps you could just grab something quick at the zoo and save the big meal for dinner time after you've left the zoo.

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        It's not a restaurant but if you need something to tide you over after the zoo, head to John and Joe's pizzeria on Lydig Ave. (corner of Holland). Delicious pizza, specialty slices and hot sandwiches, garlic knots. It is a few blocks out of the zoo. My favorite is freshly cut eggplant (not fried) on a slice of cheese. J&J has been on that corner since 1983. I grew up on it. Still get a slice when I am back there.

      2. Full Moon Pizzeria (600 E. 187th St.) around the corner from Arthur Ave. An excellent old style New York slice. It's about a 5 minute drive from the Zoo. And no, the neighborhood is *not* "iffey."

        1. El Bohio Lechonera Restaurant
          791 E Tremont Ave
          Bronx, NY 10460
          Really good Spanish food at affordable prices.

          1. I have to admit I didn't reply to this thread because people who want to include doing a lunch outing *and* doing the Bronx Zoo on the same day are probably the same people who stop during sex to get up and answer the telephone. I guess what I'm trying to emphasize here is that *neither* event should be interrupted. There's a lot to see at the zoo. Leaving the zoo for lunch breaks up the day too much. I don't think the zoo allows FREE re-entry either (unless it's a Wednesday). Consider doing lunch another day, or go to Arthur Avenue early in the day and get the lunch stuff ** TO GO **. You can eat it at the zoo. That is definitely an option.

            With that said ... Arthur Avenue is approximately a 15-20 minute walk from the zoo depending upon which entrance/exit you use. There are *several* very good delicatessens to be found. Take your pick. I like Joe's Deli, and Casa della Mozzarella. Restaurants are plentiful too. I like Roberto's ...

            There's also Mike's deli in the retail market, or try Café al Mercato (just opposite him) for some good lunch time eats ...

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            1. re: Cheese Boy

              What he said. The Bronx Zoo is huge. You can easily spend two days there from opening to closing seeing everything. If you linger anywhere there is just no way to cover the whole thing in a day, and what kind of soulless punk can go through the gorilla pavilion without sticking around a while? The idea of leaving for lunch and then coming back is crazy and futile.

              The main restaurant there, the Whooping Cough Cafe or Dancing Crane Cafe or whatever it's called, has the broadest selection of choices beyond the hot dogs, pretzels, etc. you can get elsewhere in the zoo. On a recent visit we had a perfectly fine grilled-chicken-topped salad and fruit salad and I think some sort of wrap. Nothing thrilling, but not bad at all for park concession food. If that won't do, I'd strongly suggest bringing something and not plan on leaving and returning.