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Jul 21, 2007 04:26 PM

Trip Report: Dim Sum at Jockey Wok N' Roll

I'd done some reading about Dim Sum in the 'burbs so I did not have overly high expectations when we arrived at Jockey Wok N Rolls in Hoffman Estates. The parking lot was packed at around noon on Saturday and the restaurant was busy but not uncomfortably crowded. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Dim Sum being served from carts since I had expected to have to order from the menu. There was a good variety and the carts came around frequently. I was a little disappointed in the barbeque steamed buns (a little dry and the filling was nothing special) and the deep fried crab claw fritters were nothing special but everything else we tried was good. I'm sure there were things on the special board (written in Chinese) that would have been good to try but we stuck with the basics. The service was prompt and courteous and while some of the servers pushing the carts were less than enthusiastically helpful, others were quite pleasant and informative. I especially liked the sauce for the pot stickers and a plate of some dark green steamed vegetable (something in the broccoli family, perhaps raab) with a sweet sauce. While this was not the best Dim Sum I have ever eaten it was good and a pleasant dining experience. Thanks for the previous posts that directed me there.

Jockey Wok N' Rolls
1017 N. Roselle Rd.
Hoffman Estates

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