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Jul 21, 2007 04:21 PM

Agave,anybody tried it as a sugar substitute?

Tried it as a sweetner in my yerba mate and went goo-goo on the taste -any good uses besides the obvious?

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  1. Where did you get it and what form does it come in (liquid?)? I just read something on the L.A. board about the cobbler lady who uses it as a sweetener in her sugar-free cobbler. I've never heard of it before (aside from it's divine use in making tequila).

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      Got it at whole foods in Campbell,CA -It comes in a 11.75 oz plastic squeeze bottle - it's a golden color liquid - it cost 3.39 - I bought 12 for 27.00 at Amazon today -- you can look up info on line,try googling it.

    2. I've used it 50/50 with sugar in baking recipes before. It's great stuff. Worked well.

      1. I use agave when baking muffins and making pancakes. I use the Southaven Farm baking mixes -- -- and they have conversions in the recipes section of their website for using agave instead of sugar. I love agave, rarely use anything else now.