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Jul 21, 2007 04:16 PM

Cured Meats

I was on my way back from Italy with quite expensive Duty-Free shrink-wrapped prosciutto and coppa in bag but the mean customs lady at JFK took it away. Now I'm sad. Murray's is great but I've been there lots. Anywhere to get more unusual Italian or Spanish cured meats?

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  1. Faicco's for sausages

    1. Arthur Avenue in The Bronx where there are several good stores, my perferences is the Calabria Pork Store. Esposito's on 9th Ave ia also good.

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        Agreed on Calabria...but also off of Arthur Avenue is the way to go. Try any of the places on 187th for meats and cheeses. I live up there for several years and have found some of the places less crowded and just as good. I'll take Joe's Deli over Mike's Deli any day for sandwiches but it is off the beaten path. Good luck with yourr meat search and please keep us posted if you come across anything impressive.

        1. re: missjeanne

          Will keep you posted on what I find. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. You've given me hope that I'll find something to compensate for my meat injustice.

      2. Not sure if it fits to your definition of "unusual", but I like to go to DiPalo for Italian and Despano for Spanish.

        1. Despana, DiPalo's, Dean & Deluca for Salumi from Seattle, Salumeria Biellese.

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            oops-forgot Faicco's on Bleecker and Ottomanelli's on Bleecker (18 month proscuitto)

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              Despana! I couldn't remember the name of that store. Thanks, I can't wait to go there and to DiPalo's as well.

              1. re: Fajap

                Get the culatello and burrata at DiPalo's and the lomo Iberico and torta del casar at Despana.

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                  Second the suggestion of culatello at DiPalo, though I still prefer prosciutto di Parma there. Excellent quality and super thinly sliced.

                  1. re: kobetobiko

                    And, if you prefer your prosciutto not super thinly sliced, they'll do that for you too. If you don't have a particular preference for Parma over San Daniele, just ask them which they think is better that day, and they will oblige.

            2. Faicco's in Bensonhurst (reppin' my nabe) or the weird old sausage and mozzarella lady in Williamsburg. She's like 80 (thousand.) Her mozzarella is amazing (better than Leoni's near me.) Her sausage is not as good as Faicco's. I've never felt a need to hike to the Bronx for anything, dunno why. I feel like Arthur Avenue is about as fake as Little Italy at this point. The only Italians who live there are 80 or mobbed up as hell.

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                I agree, Mrs. Tedone makes the best fresh mozzarella I've had recently. She's actually more like 90!

                Tedone's Latticini [no signage]
                597 Metropolitan Ave