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Jul 21, 2007 03:39 PM

Pars in Scottsdale

Hello all! Good weekend to you!

Has anyone tried Pars? Is it upscale or more casual? What do you recommend trying there?

Which restaurants would you recommend I try in the area? I've tried My Big Fat Greek... the snobby service has kept me from going back (I'd rather eat at local eateries, anyway). Tried Sabuddy's once, in Tempe. Very good. Haven't tried Pita House or Olive and Ivy. Persian Room is ok, nothing special for me. Tried Pita Jungle in Chandler and Tempe.


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  1. I love is definitely on the casual side....It has a neighborhood, intimate feel...though it is a pretty spot.
    I probably wouldn't wear flip flops...but nice shorts and sandals would work...
    The chef/owner used to be chef @ the Persian Room.

    I have had the Zeresk Polo with Chicken and the lamb.....both were wonderful as well as the Barberry Rice.
    The Pita Bread is light and warm served w/ fresh basil and onion w/ every meal.....

    Pars Persian Cuisine
    11144 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85259

    1. I like Big Fat Greek... the food is good and so what the service sucks.

      As for rather eating at local eateries... it is local...?

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        When I said I'd rather eat at local eateries, I MEANT to say I'd rather eat at non-national chain eateries. This doesn't mean I do not eat at chains (I like Pasta Pomodoro, Sakana, Kona Grill- although I haven't eaten at KG in a year or more, Friday's for desserts, Red Robin Burgers, Z'Tejas- haven't eaten there in months, and others).

      2. I agree about Big Fat Greek or Big Fat Ill never go back! LOL! Lousy service and so-so food.. Pita House is alright.. my favorite is Aladdin's Kitchen over on Via Linda. HATED Olive and Ivy, sexy space, lousy food and service, very over priced like all Fox concepts.

        1. I keep forgetting to go to Pars. It's definately on my list. I like Persian Room, so, it's probably a good bet, for my tastes.

          Regarding Big Fat Greek, I thought it was a tired old formula, the movie, and the restaurant. The tired restaurant formula is, overwhelm your customers with quantity, and they won't complain about the quality. It works, but, not for me.

          I've had mixed experiences at Pita House. I wasn't really planning on going back, since I like Pita Jungle, Sabuddy, etc. There is also about a dozen other Middle Eastern places in Tempe that I haven't even tried.

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          1. re: johnseberg

            Mom and I love the lamb shanks at Byblos (on Southern/Mill). While the hummus is ok, I prefer the hummus at Pita Jungle, Med Fresh (try their excellent chicken and gyro combo... everything from the meats, hummus, taboule, and garlic spread to the pickled veggies tasted fantastic!), Persian Room, and Sabuddy's (the one time I tried it at the now defunct Tempe location). I'm not 100% positive, but I don't think I liked Haji-Baba's hummus (very bland), and the chicken shawarma I had arrived partially-cooked (I had to wait for the next round of rotisserie chicken, and that batch was burnt, and yet there were still some bloody pieces of chicken!). Byblos' lamb shanks entree also comes with brown rice with pine nuts (very good!) and a side salad/soup. Mom loves the tomato bisque (I do, too, but cannot eat it as I am allergic to corn, thus cornstarch is to be avoided).

            We tried the lamb shanks at Tasty Kabob, and we both agree that they were not at all tasty :( The rice with fava beans and saffron was pretty good, but I'm sure the butter used in the preparation of the rice had a lot to do with that. I recall that the dolma/dolmades were good, as well as the hummus and baba-ganouj. Best thing we tried at Tasty Kabob was the homemade saffron-pistachio ice cream. It is very rare that Mom wants to go back again just for one menu selection...

            The baba-ganouj at Cafe Istanbul is recommendable. Also, look out for a dish that features grilled eggplant, tomatoes, garbanzos, and grilled onions... superb!