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Jul 21, 2007 03:20 PM

Wow. BBQ worth traveling for in Vegas

I have traveled quite a bit around the country. I always try to find local smoked Q.

I have a bad habit of not posting places.. But I want these guys to stay in business. They have a horrible location but amazing food!!

I have now tried Buzz BBQ in far northwest vegas for the second time. The Hanson brothers make some serious smoked meats. I really cannot remember having better (maybe equal) brisket anywhere else. I dream of their brisket, charred with smoke (burnt ends left intact) and a proper amount of fat to retain flavor.

The ribs and pork are not two shabby either. The Andoulie sausage was right up there too.

I usually avoid sides and order ala carte when eating Q. A rack of this, a pound of that. But I did try the coleslaw. I hate coleslaw. This was really good.

They make their own ice cream and ices (I did not try) and the couple of pies I saw looked evil good. is their website.

p.s.a. you dont have to worry here, but always order your bbq with the sauce on the side. most places are too embarassed to then give you old meat covered in sauce. I like to see the smoke rings.

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  1. Thanks so much for the tip. It's nice to see that serious BBQ is alive in LV.

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      Dave--could I ask you a big favor, would you be able to email me at debbieandgreg AT gmail DOT com . I am trying to plan my wedding and I have a specific question that I hope you can help with.