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good sub bread

tabemono Jul 21, 2007 02:55 PM

Can anyone recommend a good brand of sub bread (as in to make a sub at home)? Also a good brand of hot dog/hamburger buns? I know the Post had an article not too long ago on making homemade hamburger buns, but I'm looking to buy it...I live in the Rockville area..

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    wayne keyser Jul 21, 2007 08:24 PM

    Buns? Giant's in-store bakery produces fairly good ones (entirely aside from the regular ones found on the "mass-produced" shelf). Shoppers in-store bakery also produces some quite good selections, but I don't think they include "hots and hams."

    Sub bread? Depends how you like it. I really like the "Portuguese Rolls" now baked at Shoppers in two sizes (though both are a bit small for big subs) - the only caveat is that they o0nly keep a couple of days.

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      Justin Emalius Jul 22, 2007 06:54 PM

      When fresh, the Portuguese rolls at Magruders have the crust and texture of the hoagie rolls I used to get 50 years ago when I was a kid in Philly. Same caveat on size and freshness as the ones from Shoppers. And they're good for steak sandwiches made with thin sliced beef from the Korean markets.

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